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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Florida State Fair - Day 1

As promised, I am here LIVE from Florida.

We visited the Florida State Fair today.

The Florida State Fair was running an opening day promotion with $5 gate admission tickets, and $15 POP ride wristbands. What's more the fair offers free parking, standard.

You can expect a full detailed report after I return home from the fair but here is what I rode:

Mondial Space Roller (Top Scan) - Great as always
KMG Tango - Okay, I fit, but this stand up spinning twirling, flipping ride HAD to be designed by a woman. No man would subject another man to that. I mean it is a wonderfully intense ride, but there is an element of pain there.
Tivoli/KMG Spin Out - another great ride
Mondial Magnum - Well it was spinning very fast, but the tubs are still stiff, very hard to get them to flip.
Zamperla Power Surge - Another good ride, could have used some more flips.
Reverchon Crazy Mouse - Wonderfully fun spinning coaster
Sorani Super Loop on Top (Flip N Out) - Wow! - we got to ride when they were showing off. at least 15 flips and a lot of interesting twists. Loved it,
Zamperla Nitro - Its Zamplera's version of a swinging pendulum ride, it was a great ride, nice cycle.
Sorani Big Ben Tower- A Shot and Drop Tower, not very intense.
Pinfari Zyklon - They didn't even dare but all three of us into the same car. two per car. Ran well.
Chance Rok N Roll - An unsuspected hit of the fair, Jerry and I loved it,
King's Circus - its a FOUR story portable fun house. It has just about every stunt you have ever seen on a portable fun house. The steep trick stairs were running,however they bypassed the rolling barrrle s(both an actual barrel and an illusion where you would walk on a bridge through a rolling barrel. I succesfully competed a tour of the King's Circus.

The Moonraker was closed all day.

Jerry and I were rejected from the KMG Freak Out and the Zipper. We didn't even try the KMG Wild claw, and the Fabri Sapce Loops doesn't look promising. (We didn't try it yet)

More tommorow!


Blogger Julia Kendrick said...

Sounds like gfun, The fair has always been a special time for me, when you go to the fair your may run into people you havent seen in years. I always get a rist band and I always ride as many rides as i can. This year I didnt relly get to get on any rides all ?I did was walked around with my mom... not saying that wasnt super exciting or anything. My aunt had come dow for my uncles Funeral and so did my uncles. Because the family moved to New York when he was an infant he had never been to the Florida State Fair. I think my mom's little brother...even though he is 13 inches taller than her and 46 years old, enjoyed the fair.I enjoyed the fair as well, I didnt relly see evryone this yar because all my friends went off to college and I stayed at our home town University but The Fair was fun all the same. Next year I plan on getting on all the rides, whether they stand up and spin or if I sit down and shoot into the sky. The fair is not only for children but for adults...and rollercoaster loving college students. Next year I'll have a list of the rides that I got on!

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