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Thursday, December 22, 2005

New York City Transit Strike

New York City Transit Strike

Let me just empathize as a fellow bus rider with my counterparts in New York City about just how bad this must suck. And from what I read, the major sticking point is pension plan contribution rates for new hires. That’s right transit workers all over the city are forgoeing their own incomes, severely ticking off every transit customer in the city, and violating state laws forbidding pulic service workers to strike, all to help out new hires they don’t even know. And the city was, according to the article already agreeing to up those pension plan contribution rates. Which means that the average transit worker is not going to see any benefit out of this, and all of them are going to be facing the wrath of a scorned public for time to come. I’m really hoping the State can go through with its threat of sticking the union with a $3,000,000 fine they way they plan on doing, of course it won’t be the union that pays it, it will be divided up and the burden will be born by the front line workers in the form of dues increases. And just in time for the new year too!


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