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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Final Countdown Commencing

Well, this is it, the night before the first Coasterville Con of 2006. We have an unusual lineup of attraction on our agenda for this convention.

It all starts with two days at the Florida State Fair. The Florida Fair, like the Minnesota Fair, runs an independant midway, which means the get a well above average selection of all the finest in traveling amusements. German Fair quality attractions, and at Florida on select days, they even sell all day ride passes. Your Coasterville Reporter will put himself to the test rating as many demented fair rides as he can. Its tough work, but somebodys gotta do it!

From there we head to Busch Gardens Tampa to experience the very new Shiekra, the only B&M Dive Machine in the United States, and much much more, including the awesomely intense Montu, and the freshly rehabbed and repainted Kumba.

There might even be some surprises on this trip.

Stay tuned to this channel for ride reports and possibly even photographs.

In other news, the Page a Day calendar on my desk at work feels its iimportant to tell me its Ashoura. Not sure what that is I checked both Earth Calendar and Wikipedia. Here is what I learned: That it is an Islamic holiday, the tenth day of the Islamic new year, beleived to be the day Noah's Ark came to rest, Abraham's birth, and the Ka'ba was built in Mecca.

Earth Calendar also told me that it is Boy Scout Day here in the United States of America, so for all thos eparticipating in that fine program, well celebrate the day as is your local custom.


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