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Monday, January 23, 2006

XU Basketball: Two "L"'s and a "DUI" in the same day


What a way to let the wind out fo your sails. As you know from reading the article directly below this one, Xavier won the all important Crosstown Shootout Game. You'd think that here, on Monday we'd still be riding the wave of excitement that caused.

Well, things started falling apart when the XU Women's team lost to Temple in the first game of a double at the Cintas Center on Sunday. Then came time for the Men's game against St. Louis.

I was at the St.Louis game, blue wig and all. The first half started giving me flashbacks to Thursday, but without the rousing crowd support this time. The second half, well I don't know much about basketball, but when a team doesn't score a basket except by way of the foul line in the last eight minutes of the game, that can't be good.

Thursday night we were cringing whenever Xavier tried for the trey (they made 1 of 18 on Thursday). well on Sunday the box score revelals that they did improve they made 5 of 17 treys on Sunday. Those must have been first half, causein the second half, specifically in the last 8 minutes of the game,Xavier could not get a shot in to save their hides.

This is not the way the game was supposed to go, our friends out in Las Vegas picked Xavier as the favorite by 14 points. I'm not saying the Vegas people are perfect, but they are paid to breathe and eat sports. I'm guessing we can attribute much to our defense that the game ended as close as it did (a 59-54 defeat). In fact up into the last minute of the game, we had a fighting chance, if St. Louis would not have made those last two free throws, and if we would have pulled a Jihad and gotten the buzzer beater trey, we could have sent this one into overtime. But we didn't,and so it goes with two "L"s in one day. I used to have a lot of respect for Doellman, but when you have 23 minutes of game time,and have nothing but two free throws to show for it, thats not good. What got me was howmany times our guys would get the ball, and just stand there looking at the coach like "Duh, what do I do now?" I realize the coaches are there to give advice but geez.

As if that heart wrenching defeat weren't enough,I come home to learn that one of XU's assistant coach's a Mr. Hunter was busted for DUI. I like how the school is handling it, trying to seperate his work life from his personal life, and yes people do make mistakes,and as a Catholic Jesuit institution it should practice forgiveness, which you may recall was Mr. Goin's response with Huggins until that Zimpher lady came onto the scene. At least the UC fansatwork could not razz us to hard about the DUI, even if one did suggest that next That Evil Zimpher Lady will want to cancel the Crosstown Shootout so they dont have to play schools that have coaches with DUIs

News Flash: Mr. Hunter will also be barred from this Wednesday's game against Temple, and he will not travel with the team for that game. He also won't participate in recruitment activites until the end of March.


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