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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's almost Crosstown Time!

That's right.

At 9PM on January 19th 2006, tip off occurs on the biggest NCAA basketball rivalry in Cincinnati. Is the XU-UC Crosstown Shootout.

"I've got a Crosstown Ticket!!!!!!!!!!"

I'll be there in my blue finest at the Cintas Center to help root our Xavier University Musketeers on to victory!!!!!

In other news -
It seems that North Carolina will have a state fair midway afterall. Thinks looked doubtful for the State when only 1 midway provider even submitted a bid to host their 2006 State Fair, and the state rejected that bid. Frankly, North Carolina doesn't deserve any midway at its state fair, as there contract terms are very unfavorable for any midway provider, requiring a certain dollar figure to be baid by the traveling show to the fairboard for every paid fair admission EVEN if that person doesn't set foot on the midway. Powers Great American show was awarded the contract in what amounts to a do over, and will pay the State $5.50 for every paid fair admission. Thats a huge nut to crack.
In local news - Does anybody else find it a bit disturbing that three explosives found there way onto a Metro (city of Cincinnati) bus Monday? Yes, we're glad nobody got hurt and there was no damage, but there has to be concern that maybe Monday was a test run.

On the web - yesterday I pointed out the World Flags trivia game, well I do like to collect flags, and although I would love to have a complete United Nations desktop flag set, the fact that with base they run from $400-$450 and take up 12' of room makes it kind of an impractical, expensive decortation. However, I do have a world flags set, its just that its a virtual flag set. FlagPride

Flagpride markets a screensaver (yes there is a free demo version available, but it has the nagging feature of alternating the world flags with a "Buy Now" flag inserted between each one) I bought it several months ago and love it.

Oh and other than Crosstown Shootout Day which is a major cause for celebration in Cincinnati Ohio, the following are also taking place:

Ethiopian Epiphany (Timket) - Ethiopia
and the Ati-Atihan Festival is still going on in the Phillipines.

Lastly, did I mention "GO MUSKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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