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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bombing at Clifton Mosque

Bombing at Clifton Mosque

First the news item:

It sounds like a headline you would read regarding the Middle East, doesn't it. I learned about the bombing on the Wednesday afternoon news and was instantly shocked and angered. We live in a nation that prides itself on “freedom of religion” amongst other things, and yet here in the Midwest a hateful act occurred against a mosque. It’s especially troubling as this partcular mosque is in an upscale part of town known for its cultural and religious diversity. At one time there were houses of worship to 4 of the major world religions in a this neighborhood, and for years they have gotten along, even going as far as to creatively share parking resources and sometimes even buildings. (The basement of a nearby Christian church was temporarily used as an Islamic Mosque while the Clifton Mosque was undergoing renovations). Also troubling is that this particular Mosque and its sister facility in West Chester have gone above and beyond the call of duty in the area of community outreach and education. They often have programs intended to help those of us like me who do not practice Islam to get a basic overview of what Islam is, what it believes, what the traditions and customs are, as well as giving tours of the facilities and even going as far as to allow outsiders to observe during prayers. Last year, I took advantage of the opportunity to learn a little bit about another culture and attended one of their evening outreach programs and had a fascinating evening.

The thought that here, in our own hometown, such acts of hatred still exist today is especially disheartening, and lends itself as something to meditate on and pray for a more peaceful new year. This morning a press conference/media event was held at the mosque where local, state and federal civic and religious leaders and others came together in a unified stance to condemn this senseless attack,. Who knows, perhaps this will ultimately help bring people together instead of driving people apart.


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