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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mini TR: Eastgate Mall (12/18/05)

Mini TR: Eastgate Mall

December 18, 2005

It seems that the Ohio coaster enthusiast community is now halfway through the second month of the off season, Sure I was just at Paramount’s Kings Island on November 26 to celebrate Winterfest, and I did get rides on the grand Carousel, steam train and interactive haunted house rides at that time. I didn’t go to Eastgate Mall with the plans of riding anything, and in fact I didn’t ride anything. I’d just like to point out what they have in terms of being a winter time amusement venue.

Eastgate Mall is a recently renovated mall to the east of Cincinnati somewhere between Cincinnati and Batavia. In terms of amusements they have instlalled a Carousel in the food court area. It’s a smaller two abreast machine complete with wooden floor and equipped with safety straps. I also looked like they were requiring all riders to utilize the safety straps. Cost per ride: $1.50, with multiple ride package available. It’s not a carousel worth traveling out of your way to get to, but if you happen to be in the area, there is one here.

Also at the mall, down by Sears is a mechanical bull. It’s the ‘friendlier, gentler’ mechanical bull complete with saddle, rodeo style hand grip, and a nice big air cushion all around it. A chance at being a rodeo star goes for $5 for two tries.

A short way down from the bull is a collection of coin operated children’s rides, these would not be noteworthy except they have the Cedar Point roller coaster personal motion simulator. This is the smaller one person version, and I somehow doubt that the machine can accommodate an adult, much less one of typical coaster enthusiasts dimensions. $1 per ride, which is a bargain as the bigger 2 person full size model generally goes for $2. Speaking of arcade machines, they also have a small video arcade, but it has a nice selection of games, including a pinball machine and a Dance Dance Revolution. Rounding out the amusements are a Showcase Cinemas out in the parking lot and a kids play area by J.C. Penny’s sort of a summer camp theme. With a fiberglass ‘canoe’ to sit in’, and a fiberglass tent for playing in or climbing on, and other camp related stuff, including a fiberglass fire, which must go with the fiberglass logs sitting around the area.

How long is it until Kings Island opens for the summer?


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