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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Survivor Exile Island - Episode 3

Boy, it seems like I just got finished writing episode 2's summary.

Episode 3 - 2/16/06

The show starts out with the previously's where we learn the whole 4 tribe gimmick lasted an amazing 1 episode and we are back to the usual two tribe format. Bruce got a free ride to Exile Island and a free personal immunity as well.

Credits roll, and let's check in with the tribes.

Over on Chasaya, the tribe is welcoming their newest member, Bruce. Bruce joined the tribe as a replacement for Melinda voted out last week, Bruce instantly goes gung-ho, maybe a bit too gung-ho. Bruce is apparently a survival and camping expert and yet he broke the flint last week, or maybe the producers slipped in a defective flint on Exile Island. The tribe seems happy with him, well all except for Shane. In addition to suffering the penalties of a sudden cold turkey nicotine detox, Shane is also coming accross as lazy, and Bruce seems to have a strong work ethic and is all gung ho.

Over at La Mina, they are fishing, and they are doing well at catching the poisonous fish. The fish they can afctually eat, not so well. Tehy do eventually catch a fish and seem way too excited about it. They remind us as they lament the losing of the sling last week,.

And we move along to Reward Challenge #3:
Prize: A Camping Equipment Package - to include tarp, blankets, pillows, large water cans,lanterns and kerosene.
The Booby Prize: The losing team loses one member to Exile Island.

In this challenge, three members of each tribe will be ball launchers and the other 4 will be catchers. The launchers use a huge slingshot type arangement to lob balls at the catchers who are out over the lakeperched on a balance beam. Note that you don't have to stay on the balance beam to score, but you must be in posession of the ball to score. First team to score 5 wins,

La Mina takes the early lead with some lucky catchedm then Casaya pulls ahead eventually pshing the 4-4 tie. La Mina socres the game point however and wins the Camping Equipment Package, and learns that they also win the right to select which member of Casays is exiled.

Immediately before the challenge, Casaya made a very open statement that Bruce is the center of morale for the tribe, and has been a great asset around camp. It should come as no surprise that La Mina goes for the kick em while they are down move and send Bruce right back to Exile Island.

A boat takes Bruce to Exile Island, and the other tribes return to their beaches,

We then check in with the groups:

La Mina immediately puts its tarp to good use and fortifies their shelter. They are very pleased with their winnings, but spend a few moments feeling bad about sending Bruce to Exile Island for the second time, but quickly come to their senses as that was the move they had to make to try to deflate morale out of the other tribe.

Speaking of poor Bruce, while La Mina had a new stronger shelter to keep them out of the rain, Bruce is exposed to the elements, and talks about how this trip to exile island was even worse than the last trip Exile Island, and that the weather was so bad, he didnt even get a chance to search for the idol. He also gripes ahout how he has spent more time on Exile Island than he has in a tribe.

Over at Casaya, Shane is about to self destruct again, and goes psycho and territorial about a certain seat. He is beccoming grating on his other tribe mates, and Aras, the one who rubbed t in how they are unstoppable comments that he is in an alliance with 3 nut jobs. If La Mina was going for morale deflation, they got it.

Immunity Challenge #3
Its the wrestling challenge. In this version groups of tribe mates will race out to a markes sand pit, hidden int eh sand pit is one bag. Two tirbes, one bag, its not the tribe who finds it first, its the tribe that gets one hand on their mat, and is touching their team mat at the same time. Outside of choking and kicking being barred, just about any other wrestling move or tackle is allowed in the battle for the bag. There are 5 snad pits so the game will go to 3 points. Each snad pit is a little further out. The round pairings: 2 men then two women, then 2 men and 1 woman, then 1 man and 2 women, then 1 man and 1 woman. The pairings seem arbitraty. They trades scoring abck and forth, and go into pit 5 tied 2 each. Casaya pulls out the immunity in a close challenge, but also assures they wont become another Ulong.

Back at camp, La Mina is all sad faced about loosing a challenge. Yep they lost 1 of 4 challenges, and they are crying like they are the underdogs. It appears the men are forming an alliance, but the women are willing to turn on the charm and flirtng. We deduce that Misty and Ruth Ann will be our vulnerable bootee-elects for this episode.

It off to tribal council. Those thay have not yet recieved their torch, recieve it and dip it in the fire get life and all. Jeff goes for the kill and asks about the Hawaiian Sling, La Mina fails to give him the satisfaction, and just comments they haven't had much luck with it. The tribe acts all unified and solid, and Jeff goes "Do you really beleive that?"

Jeff comments that Misty has been to Exile Island and could be in posession of the Idol, as she claimed at the first immunity challenge. He asks Misty top not reveal if she has the idol. If its not needed, it will remain a mystery. They vote, and Misty is voted out by a strong margin. Jeff asks to see the idol, but Misty does not have it, and is thus voted out. Jeff sends the others back to camp with a smarmy comment about even a unifed tribe has its outsiders.

Next Week: La Mina continues on the road to Starvation,and at Casaya, Shane continues on the road to tribe alientation.


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