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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Survivor Exile Island - Episode 2

Well, now that I am back from Florida, I dutifully watched the videotape of Epsidoe 2.

Episode 2 starts with the previouslys, and does anyone else thing the previouslys are getting a bit too long.

So we get through the credits and it's time to check in with the houseguests, I mean the tribe mates.

We first check in with Camp Frat House (Young Men) - you may recall last week they were too concerned with an imporv game of island baseball and spent too little time building a crappy shelter, and just prayed it would not rain, Well it stormed, and so instead of getting sleep, they had to do some emergency shelter construction work in the middle of the night. I don't think they ever built a real shelter. Talk about getting what's coming to you.

Speaking of Camp Karma, lets visit with the Older Women. you may recall that Cire played the political interpersonal game and got All American survival expert Tina voted out. Well now this week they can't get a fire, with the help of flint. Yep,more instant karma.

But its not all bad, as the Younger Women's tribe is shown feating on papaya and having a great time.

One more tribe to check in with, Older Men, well we really just check in with Shane. Shane, in case you hadn't heard is currently suffering self imposed strict nicotine detox, to the tune of 60 smokes a day down to zero. He doesn't seem to be taking it well. They set up the "Woe is me, I want to quit: storyline. Yep, it looks like Shane will be our fair weather player, you knwo all smiles as long as things are going their way, wanting to quit as soon as things are not going their way. Where is that magical teleporter that zaps you out of the game as soon as you announce you want to quit.

Well, with 4 tribes, that is about all the time we have to check in on the tribe mates before we head to the first reward challenge.

Jeff meets the tribemates at what looks like a reward challenge site. It happens so fast you don't realize there are only two tribe mats. Jeff welcomes the tribes in, and tells them to split into men and women, okay, now each person has to select a disc on the ground and stand on it. It's all very "free choice,totally random" Once each tribe mate finds their favorite disc, Jeff has the players pickers pick them up, Two discs conceal a buff. The players finding them will be the first players on the new tribes. Yep, its time to go from 4 tribes down to 2.


After getting pummeled with the hype "It's 4 tribes,, its men vs. women, new vs. old" that whole gimmick lasted one episode, and now we are going to form two more typical tribes. So much for settng up 4 camps, the three piece immunity idol, and the whole promotional hype. Next thing we will learn tonight that the Exile Island idol was found...

Oh well, we learn that we are going to reform tribes using the time honored survivor method of a schoolyard pickem. The two players finding the buffs will select first, and the rule is that you must pick somebody of the opposite gender. The person you select will choose the next perso for your tribe, so in effect, we will end up with fairly mixed tribes. Jeff lets the womens tribe choose their first man first. So Tribe A (Orange - La Mina)will contain F-M-F-M-F-M-F-M and Tribe B (Purple - Casaya) will be M-F-M-F-M-F-M. Or so you would think. During the picks Jeff makes smarmy comments like "People are glad to be on a tribe" At the end of the pick-em, there is one man left (Bruce) who winds up not going on a tribe. Jeff stops the schoolyard pick once each tribe has 7 players.

Jeff tried to scare Bruce into thinking he has just been the victim of an evil sudden death eviction, which is not without precedent in Survivor, think back to the schoolyard pick that started Vanuatu, we had two players who got to Play Survivor for all of 30 minutes. Just when he has Bruce on the ropes, Jeff reveals that Bruce has just won a Survivor Prize Package consisting of: immunity from the next tribal council, an all expenses paid trip to Exile Island for 3 days (with quality private time to search for an idol that may or may not still be there), and he learns that flint has been provided on Exile Island. Not only that, he gets to sit in on the next tribal concil, and will take the place of the next voted our conestant. That all sounds like a reward to me, and from the looks on the other players faces, they think so as well.

Speaking of rewards, immediately after the new tribes are formed, the get to play in a reward challenge.

Reward challenge #2:
Prize: Fishing kit, raft
It's an obstacle course. Along the course there are 6 wooden snakes tied to the various obstacles, and each tribe selects one memebr to be their snake charmer, by the end of the challenge, they will be laden down with all 6 wooden snakes, but all tribe memebrs must negotiate the obstacle course, and alll must get to certain checkpoints before they may continue.

Its up on a climbing structure to free 2 snakes, then onto a checkpoint mat, then a dive under a fence, and a climb over a 12' A-frame, checkpoint mat, under the bamboo crawl, collect two more snakes, then over the ladder crawl. It's a balance beam on ladders that go up, down, and criss cross each other. Fall off the obstacle, you have to restart the obstacle. After the ladder crawl, we have what I am sure is a part added just for Cire. A dive into a mud pool to get under a wall, then the have to search through a pit of leaves for the other two snakes. Who just said they were afraid of picking up leaves for what may be underneath,

La Mine (Orange tribe) wins this challenge with confidence, and Cassya is given their tribal challenge banner and sent back to the Older Women's camp. La Mina collects their fishing kit, and dismiessed to the Older Men's camp. Thus that craptacular shelter the young men built has no long term implications. La Mina is also told the raft and oars will be delivered to their camp.

Time to check in on the new camps: Shane is suddenly all smiles for awhile, seems like we have one happy tribe, at La Mina they recieve the fishing kit, and proceed to loose the Hawian Sling on their first attempt to use it. DOh!

Both new tribes seem happy, well except for Cire, who feels thretened that a new larger group will realize how useless she is.

We then check in with Bruce. At first Bruce seems thrilled at his trip to Exile Island. He claims he will get the fire started, then "tear this island apart for that idol" Bruce finds a scroll with both last weeks clue, yes with they word "WHY" emphazised, its basically the speech Jeff gave Misty last week. The second clue is that the idol is above the tide line. On the back of the scroll Bruce finds a map of the island with a red zone and a label that the idol is not in the red zone. All is well until Bruce managed to break the flint when he tried to light the fire, then he can't get whats left of the defective flint to work. He decided to use the time not to search the island but to bruch up on his martial arts skills, claiming they will mentally prepare him. The last we hear from him for awhile is "I wouldn't wish this on anyone,"

And I think its time for the immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge #2
Before the challenge Shane stuns jeff by boldly stating that life SUCKS at Casaya. Jeff prompty ends the small talk and gets to the challenge. Its another doozy.

Alltribe members must swim out to a boat some distance out in the water. The boat contains the head of an idol whose body is back on the main land. The challenge is simple, get the iodl head onto the idol body. The catch, after all 6 tribe members are in the boat, they must first pull out the plugs that are blocking holes in the bottom of the boat. The boat will of course start to fill with water and if left unchecked will sink. 5 tribe mates must stay with theboat and bail the water out of it keeping the boat afloat. The other two have to get the boat to shore. To get the boatto shore they mus move a heavy crate that jeff reffers to as the anchor. The anchor box is tied to the boat, and the tribe will move the boat towards the shore by phycially lifiting the box under water, and puling it forward towards land, Its phycially demanding, and both tribes wind up rotating members between boat pulling duties, and water bailing duties. Once the boat in on shore, the tribe muct clip the boat to the dock, then carry the anchor box and idol head to their tribe mat. Once the anchor box is on the tribe mat, they can put the idolhead on the giant idol to win. La Mina wins this one by a nice margin as well.

Its backstabbing time at Casays. Shane goes into full quit mode, whilte the other guys coax him into staying so that the can maintain a 4 man alliance and just pick the three females off. All these players are thinking end game way too early. They will all regret they got rid of survivialist Tina and kept deadweight Cire now that they have new larger tribes to compete against. Planning on Pagonong the women of Casaya is ignorant. You need a unified tribe to compete against La Mina, and hey its only episode two, its not like Jeff wouldn't do another tribe member swap. They keep trying to kill off alliances, so I would not put another tribe swap beyond them, Araya makes matters worse by essentially going up to the woman of Casays and saying "You three are screwed and there is nothing you can do about it, don't get too comfortable" Great way to bulld the tribe teamwork and mojo there. And I agree with Cire for once, if a tribe mate announced they want to quit, by all means let them quit don't try to change their mind! Afterall if you can line someone else up to take the walk to Loser Lodge, that is another tribal council you don't have to worry about. Take the free ride people.

At tribal, Shance makes his smoking detox public kmowledge and Jeff mocks him for it, the ladies out the men for their bullying behavior, Cire tried to play the emotion card. (My family is really counting on me to win). After Johnny Fairplay, I would not take much stock in what anybody may try to tell you about life off the island, and really liefe outside the game should be left outside the game., Jeff announced the tribe seems pretty split. Shane takes the woman's vote, but the men's alliance decides its Melindas time to go. In post booting confessional Melinda seems to be just as glad to be rid of her tribe,

And coming up next week, it looks like a down and dirty physical challanege coming up.


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