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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

January 12th, 2005

Hard day at the office today. The frustration of the hard day was only made worse by a bus that arrived about 50 minutes behind schedule. Not the greatest way to end your workday.

Our bus system is currently under a political struggle here in Cincinnati. Its an unusual arangement becuase the bus sytem is owned by the County, but is contracted by (and subsidized by) the City to provide bus service. Part of that contract gives the city veto power over fare increases, which the city has used extensively. We have not had a fare increanse since 1992, and right now our bus fares are only 65 cents (80 during rush hour) By far one of the cheapest bus systems in a major city. The city balked at the bus companies thought of raising the fare to $1.00, the bus company is threatening to retaliate by eliminating Sunday service. (Routes and schdule do not require city approval). The city is now talking about taking over the bus syteem completely. I'm not saying that any of this caused my 50 minute delay in getting home, but its making me very less sympathetic of the bus companies position.

L - (Chicken Alfredo)
D - Village Kitchen (Pot Roast)


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