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Sunday, January 09, 2005

January 9th

Well, today we finished "Undecking the Halls". :( All the holiday trimmings are put away until next Thanksgiving's day weekend.

While we were Undecking the Halls, we had Travel Channel playing in the background. While I really liked some of the vacation homes they were showing off, others made me realize that the more money a person has to blow, the more hideous things they can be spending it on. I mean some of the things people spend money on... The thoguht of paying over half a million on a VACATION house you use two weeks a year... I guess their tastes don't equal my tastes, thats the whole message. They were also playing a lot of promos for Vegas Week, their tag line is "The city you need an extra suitcase to bring back all your winnings" Heh, going to Vegas with the intention of breaking the bank will more than likely expedite the breaking of your own bank.

Tonight we wathed "State Fair" from that Rogers and HAmmerstein box set I recently acquired. Quite a good show. It shows a state fair midway of yesteryear that is fascinating to see.

In other news last night I changed the flag on our decorative flagpole, it now has one of my Xavier University flags on it. Its a unique flag for them I haven't seen much in stores. Its based on the national flag of the USA, but instead of red and white stripes, it has blue and white stripes (school colors), and instead of the blue field of 50 white stars, it has the big "X" logo on a blue field. Looks kind of odd when I have it displayed next to the national flag....

Also today, I took care of re-aranging my restaurant and tour reservations for the upcoming Disney trip. So I think everything I need to contact people for is now aranged.

Another 5 full day work week ahead of me, so I best be signing off.

B - Bagel and Coffee
D - Penn Station


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