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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

January 11, 2005

Tonight was the January meet up of CACE (Cincinnati Area Coaster Enthusiasts). We had some pizza (Dewey's), drank some beer (Bass Ale), had some ice cream (Cold Stone Creamery), and talked a lot about coasters, parks, upcoming plans, monorails, and other topics.

As this was just a social gathering and not an official presentation, I'm just going to put the items that were discussed in my Pensieve as interesting rumours. Sorry now real news to release.

Getting to Deweys was interesting becuase I decided to take a bus to Bicentential Commons park, then walk accross a bridge over the Ohio River to the restaurant. There has been some flooding going on, and a good chunk of the riverside parks are under water. Made for some interesting visuals. I have seen the river flooded, both more and less, so it was just a curiosity.

L - Steak Enchilada
D - Dewey's (Southwest BBQ Chicken Pizza)


Blogger Paul said...

Hey Dave you need to see it down here. I sad a dam down here that the only part visible above the surface was the upright structure for the flood control structure.

9:00 AM  

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