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Sunday, January 02, 2005

January 2nd

Not mcuh to report to the Blog today. Got to church for the first time since the "Great Snowfall of 2004" which made it impossible to get out last weekend. Went to breakfast with our freinds in the choir and everybody was feeling pretty good.

We did go shopping and I acquired the "Rogers and Hammerstien" box set. It contains 6 musicals, and since I am a big fan of musicals, this was a good score.

Watched "South Pacific" tonight, I had seen it in 2004 when a local drama group put on a cabaret style live performance of it. It's a good movie, but the use of colored lenses on the camera was getting to be more and more annoying as the movie went on.

It also reminded me of when movies used to have intermissions. You know now that movie makers are not afraid to put 3 hour + movies out, I wonder if bringing back the intermission might make some sense.

BR - Holiday Inn (Breakfast Buffet)
D - Deli sandwich out of fridge


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