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Saturday, January 08, 2005

January 8th

Well its time to "Undeck the Halls" Gee sounds like a song that would be on the Grinch's Christmass album. Alas its time to take down all the holiday decorations, take the gifts off display and try to revert the house to "Ordinary Mode".

We were able to accomplish most of this today, about the only thing left is about half the ornaments on the tree, and (of course) the tree itself. Oh well, what was that saying about "All good things must come to and end"

In other news my alma mater, Xavier University starts there Atlantic 10 season today. It hasn't been the brightest looking year for the men's basketball program, but hey when you loose a lot of your talent to graduation, as they did at the end of last year, you expect some bumpy road seasons. I mean last year was Elite Eight, this year I'm just hoping for a NCAA Toruney invite. Unfortuanely they lost by 4 tongiht (but hey it took 3 overtimes!)

I'm also happy to report that the week long almost non-stop rain appears to be over. Those were some nasty loooking puddles out there, and the river is flooding as we speak. One weather person quipped that we got our entire month's supply of rain in 4 days.

B - Bagel and Coffee
D - Frisch's (Country Fried Chicken)


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