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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy NewYear

Happy New Year to everybody!

Welcome to 2005, hopefully this year I will do a better job at keeping my Blog up. Hey that can be my new year's resolution!

Anyway, we (Mom, Evelyn, and myself) celebrated the new year with a trip to the Grand Victoria. It's a casino boat on the Ohio River just downstream from Cincinnati, OH. The 12-18" of snow/ice mix that fell on the ground over the holiday season is gone, sure it was extremely foggy driving down by the river, but all in all it was a good weather day.

Judging by the frienda and acquaintences we saw at the Grand Victoria, the casino was a popular diversion on this day. I'm really starting to dislike the nickel slot machines, I mean they are fun to play and have bonus games and all kinds of bells and whistles, but they just don't seem to pay very well. On this trip I would come out ahead by just a few bucks, mostly thanks to that Blazing 7's machine that I got the three blazing 7's on.

It was a fun way to start the new year. Best wishes for a peaceful and propserous New Year to you.

L- Casino snack bar (Coney and chips)
D - Hitching Post (Chicken Lasagna)


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