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Friday, March 31, 2006

Survivor Exile Island - Episode 7

Man, it seems like forever since we were watching Survivor, thank goodness for that super size serving of previouslies.

Then since La Mina lost the last tribal coucil, sending Dan home, we start with them.

Not much to say excpept they say its cold and we see them bickering about a blanket. We turn to Casaya, who are also complaining about the cold, and they have rain to deal with as well. We see Bruce tending to his rock garden, and Bruce comments about being the tribe outsider and he just hopes to make it to the merge.

Cue cutting back to La Mina where thoughts of the mere, especially at 6-4 underdogs come to mind. Gee,do you think its merge time.

La Mina is instructed to look about their back beach for something that isn't right. They are hoping that the Survivor grocery store made a big delivery. Instead they find a very obvious boat with sealed crates and instructions NOT to openthe crates until they arrive at Casaya. We don't know what else the note said, but they are clearly thinking merge, and run back to La Mina to salvage their tarp, food and anything else that may be useful in a merge, and load it onto the boat. Note only three guys are in camp, as Sally is still in Exile out on Exile island. We see them sailing towards Casaya as have a parting shot of the La Mina flag, which is probably all but forgotten in the minds of the former LA Mina-ens.

We cut to Casaya who are clearly not informed. They are having a nice tribe dinner while talking about a merge. They see the LA Mina boat, they determine who is not on the boat, then they go and scarf down all their remaining food so the La Mina tribe doesn't get to share any of it. They then hold a Casya tirbal meeting and vow to stick together to the end, Casaya forever and all that. Let the Pagonging of La Mina begin, and they start to already work on a pecking order. They also comment about how they will act like they are being a friendly welcoming tribe, but thats just cause they will turn and vote them out one by one, and they have no say in it.

The run out and greet La Mina, and the three La Mina guys confessional about how totally friendly Casaya was, in other words they just took the bait. The crew drops Sally off from exile. I start to get worried as the word MERGE has not been officially uttered, but both tribes clearly think they are in a merge situation. The box that La Mina was given is now opened, It contained the official notice that the tribes have merged, it also contains their new buffs (black), and materials to create a new flag. They also get the traditional merge housewarming gift. (Reception foods like fruit, crackers, cheese and wine, candy, etc) As usual they act all "the game is on hold" while being civil and celebrating in the feast. They start to work building a bigger grander shelter. Casaya "Let Teri build us a nice new shelter, then we'll vote him out!" We see the much puffed medical incident: In building the stucture, there is a machete accident, Nick hits Bruce, purely by accident, on the face. We hear some dialog that makes it sound like peraps Bruce was taken off-camp to visit a first aid center of medical faciliy, but no big medicalair evacuation scene like the first round of previews suggested. All in all it cameoff as being handled as a trivial detail.

The food gift and merge count as this episodes reward.
Immunity Challenge:
Tribal immunity is no more, and the immunity necklace is debuted.
Its an endurance challenge, hang upside down from a log using only your ams and legs. Last one playing gets immuity.

This is a very short lived challenge at only 30 minutes. Cirie drops out after just 3 minutes. Interesting Casaya comments about food or gifts to tempt them off the logs. As soon as Jeff states there will be no temptations during this challenge, the entire Casya tribe drops out in quick succession, leaving the three La Mina men to battle it out. In the end Terri wins the challenge which will help shield his personal idol. In other words save yourself, even if you just signed the eviction notice on a tribe mate. One of the La Mina men later confesses that he played himself as being a weekling as he knew he could not beat Terry, but did not want to come accross as a challenge threat.

After the challenge, we gets clips of Casys being very arrogant and making no efforts to be one unfied tribe as they hold a Casaya meeting and decide that Nick has to go. We do get to see Bruce, (who is apparently now all better) get to put is 30 years as an art teacher skills to work as he gets assigned the job as tribal flag artist. In fairness the flag he created is about the best tribe created flag I have seen yet, and surely beats the tired "handprint flag" that we see so often.

Terry all but tells them they he has the secret idol, when playing from what is surely a minority position, he comes out acting like he can shake Casaya members loose, and even acts like he has some power move. It leaves them tinking Terry is nuts, so I guess the telegrpah line didn't work. Going to tribal council it seems all but apparent that Nick is going, which usually would mean Nick is safe.

We go to tribal council, and we have the pleasantries about the new tribe name and the welcome party. Jeff is quick to call Casaya out on their arrogance as demonstrated at the challenge, and Casaya is truly all arogant as they basically say Hell Yeah Jeff, and there is nothing La Mina can do about it. We all know Mark Burnet and Jeff Probst hate when tribes get arrogant, I'm sure the two had a meeting right after that tribal to figure out how to knock Casaya down a notch to pound some respect for the game into them.

Jeff comments that Terry is safe, and several people have been Exiled )okay, Bruce, Terry and Sally (Melina so voted off ages ago). If you hold it, please keep it a secret until after you have been voted out.

Votes are cast La Mina votes tribal lines for Shane, Casays votes tribal lines for Nick.

Jeff goes to tally the votes, he tries to make pretend its not so obvious, pullling all the Shane votes first (maybe that is the first step in Jeff's plans to try to put some scare into Shance), but then even with the extra dramatic music and everything, Nick is still voted out, where he gives an inspirational closing statement. The short previews want us to beleive Terry gives away his top secret idol to someone else. I doubt they would divulge something that crucial to the game in a preview, so it probably means nothing.

Oh,and most changed player,Shane. When Shane was on the losing end he wanted out of the game in episode 2, then, after Bobby's ouster he wanted out of the alliance, and the rest of Casaya was abotu to swear on a stack of every holy book known to man that Shane is gone at the next opportunity. Well, now that Casaya holds a 6-4, now 6-3 upper hand, Shane is turning out to be the HEAD arogant jerk, and has basically unilaterally appointing hilself tribe chief (of Casaya only of course, forget those dang foreigners from La Mina), while pretenidn that Bruce is the leader. Both trbes are buttering up Bruce. COntrast to earlier when nobody wanted Bruce.

Oh, and Jeff commented at tribal council that 18 days were done, and everybody left is either jury or finalist. Day 18, after 7 episodes it should be day 21. I wonder what surprises lie in store. I don't think they could bring a evicted player back now that he has said everybody left is either jury or finalist.

Till next week!


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