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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Survivor - The Recap Show

Well, in a sort of honor to March Madness, CBS has put Survivor on a temporary hiatus for three weeks. To tide us over they did show the recap show. The recap show is like 1 hour of previouslies, and as such is usually low rated, and I heard a rumour Jeff himself isn't a big fan of them.

So I must admit I missed the first 15 minutes of it, and when I did tune in, there wasn't too much to be learned, oh we say the young girls karaoke the first couple nights, we saw more bickering on Casaya, we saw talk about the early water situation in Casaya, but not the resolution, One thing I noticed is that most of the billed "New Scenes:" were Casaya, I know I labeled La Mina "Camp Bland" but maybe they really ARE bland. Oh and they gave Bobby the usual lazy good for nothing eidt the show is used to giving certain individuals.

So as it stands the trbes are at 6-4 in Casaya (Camp Psychotic) favor. The previews are screaming that a merge is coming soon, which means that Camp Bland seems like it will be Pagonged out of existance without really creating a footnote for itself in Survivor history. I mean even if they attempt to vote of head tribemember Terry, and Terry pulls the idol, that would only get it back to 5 and 5, and the knowledge that Terry is vulnerable. If Terry is the immunity threat he appears to be they may go after the other La Mina members first.

This time is like halftime in basketball, time to analyze the players

La Mina (Tribe Bland)

Terry - Has secret Exile Immunity Idol up his sleeve. Seen as tribe leader which makes him eviction threat, but also seen as immunity challenge threat, which may help him shield the exile island idol, thus keeping him around. IF he does goo in the immunities, I see him going along way, perhaps as a tribe of one.

Nick - Who? So bland I have no comment

Austin - Another totally bland player

Sally - The boys thought they had her on the outside looking in. she may have what it takes to jump to Casaya, as long as she doesn't make her play too early like Shi-Ann did. Or she couldbe offered us as a sacrifice.

Casaya "Tribe Psychotic"

Shane - Mr. Psychotic himself, has done everything in his power to alientate himself from the tribe, yet still holds on. He's not seen as a leader so that may save him after a merge, but pre-merge he is in definite danger. Post merge he may still be in danger if La Mina can strike a deal to outst him. Or he may go final 2 to be the most hated player to put yourself next to in front of the jury,

Bruce - Wise old man, with dubious advice, not able to understand not having infallible authoirty, and can proove himself annoying. Worse than that, he is seen as a tribe leader, and doesn't have any secret powers and does not seem to be the immnity threat. The odds are against him, especially with internet rumours that he is the player who is medically evacuated from the game. If Survivor precedent follows that his rumoured evacuation will count as the next episodes dismissal, that would set the game back to 5 and5, and with Terry's iminuty idol at the next episode, La Mina could regain power, which could then be negated if Sally jumps tribes after being snubbed by the La Mina men. See how crazy and unpredictable this game can be???

Aras - another "Who is he" player

Dannielle - hohum

Courtney - Casaysatribe human punching bag. She takes verbal abuse, warranted or not, from every man in her tribe. She could also be for forming a girl power allinace.

Cire - Okay, we joked about her when she said she could not stand the outdoors, yet signed up for Survivor, but she has the mental game down. She knows how to play the interpersonal dynamics to directly cause as least one players ouster. Lately she has survived on the "act like you are with it, and make sure there is always someone more annoying than you are strategy" She got nervous when Casaya seemed to bond at the BBQ reward, butdon't worry Cire, as soon as conditions turn harsh again, the bickering will resume.

They even showed the preview for next week twice, and yes the prime angle they are covering is the medevac flight.

See you in two more weeks for the next episode.


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