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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Survivor Exile Island - Episode 6

Okay, now that I can calm down from this week in Basketball, lets return to Survivor shall we?

The previews for this week sure sounded interesting. They really pushed hard on Casaya wanting Shane gone, therefore Shane if safe. Then they went into a lot of "most shocking tribal council yet", "a descision that could save a player", and "A reward where the winning team gets to mess with the losing team"

Hmm, could be interesting.

We start with the previsoulies and the credits then we start with the usual sequence of events,

Since Casaya lost the last immunity challenge, lets check in on Casaya for the post tribal council reaction. We are treated to Shane going psycho and telling people we voted out the wrong person and going on and on about it. Shane doesn't get the fact that it isn't that the other tribe members don't want to talk about it, its that they would rather wait till morning, after all they just had a grueling immunity challenge followed by a grueling tribal council. Take a cooling off period dude. No such luck, Shane goes on and on, then in proof he is psycho, (caused by nicotine withdrawl perhaps, 3 packs a day down to zero can do that to a person), Shane loudly announces he wants out of the Alliance. Real bright move there, give the Alliance a clear easy target for the next Tribal Council,,yourself! As if that weren't enough he wants out of the whole "Swear on your son" promise he made earlier in the game. Oh, right, now is not the time to be all thical and moralistic. This is a game of lying, deceit, broken promises, and backstabbing. While I would not have let get the moral blackmail on me, don't sucumb to it. We continue into the next morning, and its more of the same, except this time peppered with vows to vote Shane off as soon as possible, Got that! Maybe this dysfunctional tribe can come together as a team to oust Shane, could be good for the tribe.

Over at La Mina, otherwise known as Camp Bland, its more of the usual ho-hum. Bad food situation, and Sally feeling like an outcase from the Boy's Club, with Sally, quite rightly so, saying that the guys are making a big mistake to outcast her. (forshadowing perhaps?) We get the big reveal that Dan was an astronaut. What is interesting about the reveal is that it is originally between Dan and Nick in the closest thing Survivor has to a sound proof office, a raft on the lake. It sounds all hush-hush and secreative, then in the next shot the whole tribe is talking about it. I don't know who let the cat out of the bag, but if you are concerned you have luggage that could hurt your chances in this game, and you have played the first third of the game trying to hide it, I'd say you should stick with your first hunch and keep it hidden until the reunion show.

Okay, time for, wait we are going back to Casaya?

Its more of the We Hate Shane Show, more complaining about Shane,more vowing to get rid of Shane, we got it the first time. The big news is not news but its that Ceri is reading this well, and sees that she can use this to her advantage in her grest 'fly under the radar strategy" of letting the tribe get worked us against someone else.

And its back to La Mina, for the opening of the Tree Mail. Its, groan, a giant skull puzzle piece, with some lousy poetry stating tha the challenge will test both strength and smarts. Just how many of these "Retreive the puzzle pieces, bring them back then solve the puzzle" type challenges can we have in a season, this is at least the third one this season, Then the big bomb shell, immunity is at stake. We end our La Mina visit with a recap of whats at stake, La Mina wins the tribes return to even strength 5-5, La Mina Loses, and they find themselves down 6-4, and then he makes the strong addition "and Sally goes home" A little bird tells me that Sally and Shane are safe this episode and that Camp Bland will soon be Pagonged, letting Camp Dysfunctional take over.

We head to the challenge, and we quickly learn that it will be for both reward and immunity combined.

Reward and Immunity Challenges #6
The Prize: An off-site BBQ for the winning tribe complete with all the fixins, in addition, in a sappy heartwarming moment, the winning tribe will donate a bunch of toys provided by CBS to a local children;s group, then share the BBQ with them. It's Survivor trying to make good on its promises to give back to the community while creating positive PR. Oh, and accordance with tradition, they get to send a member of the losing tribe to Exile Island. Oh, and they get Tribal Immunity, worth playing for?

Oh, and one last wrinkle, told before the challenge started, the person sent to Exile will NOT go to tribal council, so in effect they are giving a person indivdual immunity, that should shake up the idea of sending the tribe leader to Exile. Oh, and the exiled person will get to search for secret immunity idol that may or may not be there. (Of course, Terry, the producers, and the home viewers know its not there)

Okay, it is a retrive the puzzle pieces, then put the puzzle togheter challenge. This time they have to run through a course which ensures both tribes have to pass each other numerous times (almost identical to say the balance beams for the water tower challenge for example) at the opposite end of the course are 4 stations, each station has a puzzle piece held aloft. The tribe selects 3 members who have to run out one at a time, untie several knots to free the rope folding the puzzle piece in the air, bring it down, unclip it, and run the puzzle piece back to the start. This means one person has to run twice.

After all 4 peices are back, they have to be put into a spin puzzle, which means the obstacles between the pieces can rotate around increasing the nbumber of wrong possibilites. You have to figure out how to orient the posts before you can slide the pieces in,

The story is as usual this season, La Mina really kicked but in the physical job of getting the puzzle pieces, but then squandered the lead they had built up, and eventually lost to Casaya, who are the better puzzle solvers. La Mina even resorted to trying to sneak a peak \at Casayas, puzzle and Jeff called them out on it

The show goes on, we see Sally sent to exile island, we see her raise the flag on exile island to get the scroll which has a fresh Episode 6 clue. Too bad its a wild goose chase, we see Casaya celebrating their reward, and Shane gets a cigarette. So much for the detox. Over at La Mina Terry sells out Dan, and I suppose the big shock is that La Mina sits down and hases out tht Dan is the one to be voted out before Tribal Council starts, so then we end with an anticlimactic Tribal Council where Jeff even says "And your just going to fall on your sword?"

Oh, and next week we get the recap show on Wednesday, YAWN!, then they are taking the week after off, so the next new show isn't for THREE WEEKS. I guess CBS has their hands full with basketball as well.

In way of promo for that show they show an Aircare helicopter and post the question will someone have to be evacuated from the game for medical reasons. Who will it be, What Happened? How serious is it?, Will they be forced to resign from the game? Ah, what a cliffhanger to leave us for the next 21 days!!!!!


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