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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Congratulations to the Musketeers on a fine season!

Before I begin, yes I do get the game results here at Coasterville. In this case the final score doesn't matter.

We may have lost the game against Gonzaga, but over the past two weeks, I have seen a team go from a prime candidate for no post season play, to an NCAA hopeful. A team that, let's face it, did not have the best February a team could hope to have, a team that lost one player to a season ending injury, another to dismissal for violating team rules, and a player with an injured hand. We had lost a good number of gaes in February and hope was running out. Then came the Atlantic 10 tournamnet that I wrote about a few posts back. We saw a team come from adversity and reinvent itself with the team with heart, the team with passion, the team that could go the distance 4 wins in 4 days to get the much coveted invite to the NCAA Tournamnet.

Thursday nights game against Gonzaga. I was not exactly pleased to learn we drew Gonzaga, I mean this was some real competition. A check on reveals this will be the highest rated team we have played all year.

The game started, and while we were down for the first coule minutes, surpisinglywe took the lead. A lead that would last through the first half and well into the second. Again I saw a team with the pure unbridled passion and heart come out and for 38 minutes of the game they managed to hold Gonzaga at bay, long enough I'm sure to give their coach, team, and fans a nice little scare. It's true the game could have easily turned out differently, but we can't change the past, so while we big goodbye to the NCAA touney and the 2005-2006 season, we leave the season on a bright shiney note. According to the press, 73 of our 75 points, and 198 of the available 200 minutes were played by underclassmen, which means, that we have a strong, passion driven team ready for the 2006-2007 season.

Where do I sign up for season tickets? When does the next season start?

Go Muskies! from one fan who is proud of your performance this year.


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