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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Survivor Exile Island - Episode 5

Well, here we are again. On Tuesday, CBS added a promo about a player who WANTS to go to Exile Island. Of course, that means it is a safe bet they aren't going.

The previews promised that life continues to deteriorate at LA Mina, and something BAD happens to Casaya' camp, and Bruce gets upset because someone invades his Zen Garden.

As has become the norm, we are treated to a long previously section, and I noted they have severly cut back the credits to allow for it. No more do they show the tribe mates names and faces.

And so we begin, by checking in on the Tribes.

We first go to immunity looser La Mina for a post tribal council reaction. They talk about how the vote changed at the last minute, and Sally is way to happy that she got to stay and Ruth Ann left instead. I mean I can see she is happy she lived to see a few more days, but she is still the 5th wheel in a 4 man alliance. We also see some camp life as the lug back water in the jerry cans they won, and making commens on its skankiness.

But never mind La Mina, they seem perfectly normal next to Casaya. Over at Casaya, Bruce spends quality time building a Zen garden. I can see wanting a touch of home, or a place to get in touch with whatever spiritual customs you follow, but doing it while the rest of the tribe is working on camp essentials may not have been the best timing. Worse is when you return from taking care of your own needs, and immediately start to bark orders at the others. Aras doesn't take too kindly to it, and the two get into a very ugly shouting match. Aras realizes he is fighting a battle that isn't worth it, but since he already went all in, so to speak they fight it out unttil just before time to go to the reward challenge. At this point, we hear, I think its Aras HOPE to be exiled. Bad exhange all around, Bruce comes off as bossy and arogant, and Aras comes off as trying to shirk work.

But in order to get to Exile Island, you have to lose the rewad challenge, and so its back to challenge beach.

Reward Challenge #5
Prize: Food, glorious Food! - Both tribes have indicated they aren't eating well, so here is the seasons first big food reward. The winner will recieve rice, beans, some large fish, spices, cooking oil, and wine. Jeff is feeling generous so he announced the losing tribe won't go away empty handed as they will get to take home either the bag of rice or the bag of beans, their chouce. The food comes at the price of losing a tribe mate to Exile Island.

Speakking of food, its a food relay. Each tribe must choose one retriever. The retrievers will swim out to a boat moored out in the water, once at the boat they will retrieve a food item and bring it back to shore. Then it gets intesting. The other tribe members have to stand on spots and pass the food item from one to another by tossing it. (who said not to play with your food!) The last person has to toss the food item into the proper box. It gets even better, the first item is the bag of rice,the second item is the bag of beans, items 3-8 are whole fish. Before a fish can be tossed in the box, the last personin the relay must use a big knife to chop off the fish's head and tail. The first tribe to get all the items in the proper boxes takes ALL the food except for the rice or beans the other tribe takes, plus a basket with the spices, oils, and wine.

A couple othe rules of note, a tribe may tag out and swap player positions between runs, also if an item of food hits the ground, the last person to succesfully recieve it has to grab the item, take it back to their spot, and try the pass again.

And they are off, and it looks like an early lead for La Mina, then it looks better for Casays. Bruce may no many things, but not how to chop fish, as he puts on a fish chopping performance sure to get PETA involved. They tag out and put Bobby on fish chopping duties, which is a wise move. In the end it comes down to another close finish but Casaya managed to just edge out La Mina. Casaya gets the Food Package, La Mina opts to take the bag of beans, and Casaya elects to send La Mina's Terry back into Exile.

Something tells me the self procaimed tribe leaders are going to get used to Exile.

Andits time for our second look at tribal life:

First we show Casaya, you note Casaya just won a huge food reward and therefore should be in high spirits. Well thats not the only thing up high, the rain waters have left them a nice huge swamp in the middle of their camp. The shelter looks damaged, the fire is out, and all the wood is wet. No starting a fire there, so no cooking a big meal today, and they didn't win a freezer or a fridge for all that fish, (Don't laugh, a tribe has won a refrigerator complete with some kind of generator in a past season) The guys who wanted to use the outhouse to store the firewood to keep it dry are probably smirking to themselves righ about now. Anyway we leave Casaya just as they have decided that since cooked fish is out of the question, how bout the Survivor Sushi Raw Bar. Ciri doesn't exaclt seem comfortable with the idea of Sushi, but the others chow down on it,

We head over to La Mina,which unlike Casaya seems high and dry. Almost as if La Mina got the better end of that deal. They cook their beans, and the thought of rationing them is totally lost on the tribe. LA Mina has a bean pig out, and much footage details how their digestive systems revolted, and how they could not sleep and how they made way too many trips to the latrine. "at both ends" Too much information. They dont seem to miss Terry at all.

We get a bonus - we retrun to Casaya, where we find Bruce and Bobby holed up inside the outhouse forming an "Outhouse Alliance" and freely hitting the tribes bottle of wine. We turn to the next morning, and the not so happy tribe wakes up dreading having to rebuild what was lost to the swamp. They were releaved the swamp did not enter the shelter during the night. It is then that they find Bob and Bruce to be missing. One of them decides to check the outhouse and finds both the men, and the EMPTY bottle of wine. I don't need to state in great detail the reaction when Courtney realized Bruce and Bob took it upon themselves to drink the tribes entire wine supply during the night.

Well actually, only Courtney seems pissed about it. Ciri is still playing under the radar, which given the drama and ill will in this camp is actually a GREAT strategy, Ciri might go far with it. Shame and Aras don't as much as chime in about it, and when Bob is confronted, he seems to be more happy that he is upsetting Courtney than remoresful for his selfish act. In fact the way the guys in the tribe respond, they are happy to see Courtney upset. This is a very dysfunctional tribe, socially.

Oh, and we almost forgot about Terriy out on Exile Island. Well we know, and Terry knows the idol is already safe in Terrys hands, so he doesn't have to spend time with that, and instead gets a fire going, sources some food, drinsk some water. (Hey I saw a canteen and a cooking pot, to the provisions of Exile Island improve throught the game). He seems concerned for hsi tribe, which is more than I can say the tribe feels about him. All in all he takes it as a vacation, he thinks he is petty secure in the tribe, he has the idol, so Exile, make that "Welcome to the VIP Island" We see La Mina recieve the immunity challenge coffin, I mean tree mail, and we hear them practically give up already, we can take this to mean they win, particularly with the foucs on the tensions over at Casaya.

And so we head to the immunity challenge. The immunity challenge is another take on the standard "Retrieve scattered puzzle pieces, put puzzle together" variety. In this case each tribe is given a boat. Using the boat they must explore the water for 4 sunken coffins. At each coffin they have to dive down and untie 4 knots that are holding the lid of the coffin shut, once they get the coffin open they will find a puzzle piece made out of skulls. They have to untie the puzzle piece from the coffin and put it in the boat. Repeat for all 4 coffins, then return to shore. They then have to run thr 4 puzzle pieces up the beach and place them on a mat. Once the pieces are on the mat, they can pick them pack up and use them to form 3d skull pyramid. Its a classic brain teaser, and has been played before on Survivor using round spheres instead of skulls. There is one piece missing, a single gold skull that is waiting for them at the puzzle solving station. Build the pyramid except then finish it by placing the gold skull on top to win immunity,.

It is very important that La Mina win this as they are already down 2 tribe members, and Jeff makes a snarky comment to that effect. There really isn't much to say about the challenge, La Mina got off to an early lead, and never looked back, sending Casaya to tribal council.

We visit with Casays, and first we see the tribe mates agree that Bob has to go, as he will be a immunity threat after the merge, plus he stole the wine. The focus then turns to Bruce, and we see the segment of Courtney deciding Bruces Zen garden is the pefect place for yoga and exercise. We see this offens Bruce, but Bruce holds it in. We know Courtney is the tribe outcast.

But then a movement goes through to boot Bruce instead. They decide that Bruce really isnt a big benefit around camp, and he too was involved in the wine theft. We even go so far as a "I swear on my son that we will take you instead of Bruce" deaql that lasts about 2 minutes, hen the focus is back on Bobbie.

Andits off to tribal council. As Bruce has never been to a tribal council, Jeff makes him get a torch and we see the 10 second version of the torch lighting "Fire represents life" speech.

We get into Tribal council, and they make no bones, Courtney makes SURE Jeff knows about the wine inciident, and pretty much all of tribal is spend trying to sooth over distrust and find unity. Bruce can't get out of the teacher-pupil mindset, Ciri still won't take sides.

It's Time to Vote

During the voting, we are not surprised to see votes for Bruce and Bobbie, but that vote for Courtney came out of left field,

"One the votes are reaf the decision is final"

Courtney's vote is read first, and the look on her face is priceless with shock. Bruce, Bobbie, then another surprise Arras gets a vote. But then we get another Bruce and another Bobibie, hen one last Bobbie to seal the deal. As Bobbie has never been exiled, we know his ticket is punched and his torch is snuffed.

Jeff makes a comment about how clearly his was a tribe in disaray, and perhaps tonights tribal council has hekped bring unity to camp. You can head back to camp, good night.

In clsoing confessional Bobbie continues the trend of "Well, I am glad to be away from those jerks anyay" line of responses.

Previews: La Mina STILL is having food issues, the girls of Casaya want Shane GONE, the ribed go to a challenge and a TWIST occurs that may save somebody from impending doom. (Tribe Swap perhaps?), and a Tribal Counil like you never saw before, with a graphic of a torch being snuffed with a skull. Does this mean Terry has to pull out his idol, or has the game taken yet another twist?


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