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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mini-TR: Coney Island of Ohio - June 21, 2008

Tonight I was going to see a Pops concert at Riverbend up at Coney Island, but before the show I thought I would check out some rides, at least that was the plan.

We arrive at the park around 6pm (concert was at 8pm), and I purchase a after 4 wristband ($7.95) and head to the Rock-O-Plane. After about a 20 minute wait I am shown to a tub on the Rock-O -Plane. They load me, advance the wheel, load another car, advance the wheel, load another car. Then they immediately unload the people they just loaded, then they started quickly unloading the other cars. As I am unloaded the ride operator explains there is lightning in the area. By this time its like 6:30. I take a quick walk around the park to look at the new Euro Bungee Dome, and the new canoe themed swinging boat ride. Both look interesting. However by this time most of the rides are closed for weather. I head back to the parking lot before the rains really started coming down. What sucked was the park does not give refunds or even comp tickets to come back another day in this situation.

Oh well, I'll try again sometime later. At least the skies cleared up in time for the Pops Concert so I got to enjoy that, so the park visit wasn't a total loss.


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