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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mega-TR: Las Vegas - May 11-16, 2008 - Day 4 May 14, 2008

Mega TR- Las Vegas May 11-16, 2008 - Day 4

Well, today is destined to be my big day showing Mom around Vegas. Knowing we were out late last night, and would probably be out reasonably late tonight, I let mom sleep in till about 11. As you will find out, that was a very good call indeed. I got up and cleaned up earlier and headed downstairs around 10:15. I didn’t play slots yet, but I headed u p to the atrium level. I headed to the attractions ticket office, here I inquired to see if they still honored Power Pass, as I had noted they had been removed from the vendor's website. Unfortunately, they don't honor Power Pass anymore so $15 later I had a combo ticket for "In Search of the Obelisk" and the King Tut exhibit. In search of the Obelisk is an IMAX ridefilm according to the signage for the attraction. I get to the attraction entrance and find a chain blocking the path, upon talking to the operators I learn that they are taking longer than expected getting the attraction ready today, but not to worry, they should be ready by 10:30, 10:45 at the latest.

So I mill about the atrium level and then I notice not only is the "Games of the Gods" arcade gone, but now so is the sign. That was quick. Around 10:30 I head back to the ride and I watch the bally video on the monitors outside the attraction, it gives you a short preview, followed by gushing testimonials. Some more people approach the ride, and I can say the attendants did drop the chain and let us move into the waiting area that has benches while we continued to wait. Then came the guests that all ride operators loathe. The one that hears "the ride isn't open yet" and won't take no for an answer, and makes a big stink about it, and gets the ticket office and a manager involved, all to be told it isn't ready yet. Do they think that with enough complaining somebody will open an attraction before they are confident it is safe?

Well around 10:40 the attraction open, and based on what happens, I'm not entirely sure they were fully ready. Anyway, the entrance looks like you are going down a cave/hallway into the pyramid, the mouth of the cave has been fitted with two turnstiles, each with ticket scanners of a similar style as The Park at MOA uses. Today the turnstiles and scanners were not in use, as they admitted us through the wheelchair gate in the center while tearing tickets. We make a left turn and continue down the hallway until we come to a television. Here you learn the back story. It seems that scientists are exploring the Egyptian pyramids, and hey are "In Search of the Obelisk" which is rumored to hold some special powers. (Wait, I just saw an obelisk as a centerpiece for the hotel's atrium, why search for it)

You also learn that they have discovered some sort of ancient flying machine, still in working order, and running off of some kind of magical enrgy, that will allow us to explore the subterranian pyramid areas. Of course, its not all smiles, as you also get introduced to a rival scientist who is bent on making sure he gets the fame, glory and power and will stop at nothinng. At about this point the automatic doors open and you move into the next room. Here the video continues and you learn that you are about to board an elevator that will take you the scientists camp deep down in the pyramid, but wait we have more company, the military has arrived, and the scientist challenge this, saying this isn't a military site. The comander smirks "Not yet", and comments that if they discover anything the federal government wants for itself, he is there to ensure the federal government gets it.

On the right side of the room you see two elevator doors, the video indicates that the scientists would be riding down in the left elevator, and the visitors (you) will be riding in the right elevator. The right elevator door opens and enter, then go through another door into the elevator cab. The cab has three solid walls (behind you and both sides), to your front is a railing and an open space above it. The doors close and the elevator starts 'moving'. They turn on the lights in the shaft and a movie screen in front of you comes to life. On the movie screen you can see the other cab with the scientists going down, and you can see the shaft walls going up. Soeone else in the cab said "Watch you probably only go down 1 floor" to which I wanted to say "you think you actually move that far?" Of course the rival team sabotages the elevator cars sending them falling to their doom at the bottom of the shaft. Your hero character on your team, is able to stop you before a rough landing. In fact he stops you perfectly so the door on the other side of the elevator cab opens, and you have a nice flat walk to the next room.

Here you are looking in a big room with the flying machne they have discovered, but there is no time for sightseeing, now that they realize that you are in danger. The jist is that they are going to trailer a passenger compartent onto the back of the flying machine and 'hero' will rescue you and take you to the surface, but hurry start down that hallway, only to be intercepted by another video monitor. You can see your craft ahead of you and you get a briefing and a taunting by the two scientific teams, and you are told to step forward towards the automatic doors and board the craft. But wait there is aother monitor right next to the doors, and here is where the military commander type gives you the ride safety spiel in a huourous overdone drill seargent style.

The doors open, and we board the ship, walk down a metallic a hallway and enter the passenger compartment. Big IMAX screen in front of you, and the ridebase is rather small, 3 rows but several seats in each row. Passenger restraint is your basic lap belt. We take our seats, and prepare for the ride part of the attraction, when we hear "Sorry for the inconveniene, there will be a minor delay - we have to rewind the film." Hmm, I wonder if they were really ready to open, I mean we were their first group. On the other hand, I appreciate actually being told what is wrong, and I know that rewinding a film is a rather brief process and that nothing is really amiss. But, remember the overly demaning guest outside the attraction, she had the audacity to whine "Don't spoil the illusion!" It is poetic justice that the one who wanted them to rush to get a ride open, now has to wait for the ride to be ready.

The movie uses the device of being able to see your here character at the bottom center of the screen, just like you were really trailing him. You have a thrilling flight through the pyramid, you might see the obelisk, but you will see a battle between your hero and the rival scientist. In the end you do get rescued, so that you exit the theater out the other side and walk down a rather utilitarian ordinary hallway that feeds into a gift shop.

Anyway, I walk back across the atrium, pick up a carry-out for Mom and I at McDonald's and head back to the room. We enjoy breakfast together in the room, and I know Mom needs about an hour to get ready, so I head down to the casino floor in the meantime. I had seen the King Tut museum at the Cincinnati Museum Center, so I didn't have too much interest in seeing it here, but my Uncle Rick did, so I left the King Tut MuseuM part of the combo ticket in Ricks room.

So I go down, lose playing slots, and meet back up with Mom around 12:30 or so. Mom and I then head out to the taxi stand. As luck would have it we get a minivan cab, but last night mom had trouble getting into one of those. However this one had a compassionate cabbie, and she let mom sit shotgun up front, and that made it all work out easy.

We rode the taxi to the Paris casino. Paris has the Eiffel Tower as its major iconic symbol, complete with a leg coming down in front of the casino. We enter the casino and quickly realize that this is a much more luxurious casiono, It used a common Vegas style of making it appear as though you are outside, and all the retail, food stands and services look like storefronts. We walk through the casino, and I a amused to learn that at least two legs of the Eiffel Tower come right through the ceiling of the casino and are rooted in the floor. It's a tactic that further blends the outside and inside, and i'm sure is structurally important for the tower. We see that unlike the real Eiffel Tower that has a road that runs directly under it, this one has the elevator shaft in the center of the pyramid. It's a shame they could not recreate the 'elevator goes down the legs' element of the original. We head to the elevators but learn we can't board at the casino level The Paris casino has a restaurant at the lower observation deck of the tower, and there is a reservation desk and entrance for the restaurant next to the elvators, as well as signs stating that to get to the observation deck, to enter via the entrance at the other end of the bridge. You can see a bridge running from the Eifell Tower to some shops on the other side of the casino floor. We follow under the bridge on the casino level until we get to the shops. In the center we see the Tour Eiffel shop, which is also the Eifell Tower ticket office, and that shop is flanked by escalators for the bridge. A ticket taker stands guard over the escalators.

Eiffell tower is a power pass attraction, so I go into the ticket office to purchase a ticket for Mom ($7) and redeem a free ticket for myself ($10 value). There was nobody in line at the ticket office and two cashiers open. Since they can't process both power pass and cash transaction on the same sale, I wind up having BOTH cashiers working simultaneously to put my ticket order together. I take the tickets out to Mom, we present them to the escalator guard, and are allowed to ride the escalator up to the bridge. At the top of the escalator we see a Tour Eiffel sign which appears to be an admission price sign from the real tower.

We start to cross the bridge and don't get too far until we join the back of the line. About halfway across the bridge they have photographers taking your photo, what is more impressive is they don't use a backdrop or green screen, they actually have a natural backdrop planned into the casino. I mean you see a leg of the tower behind yoou, a bright blue daylight sky with a statue, and even a flagstaff flying the French flag. We get our photo taken, and we rejoin the line next to the elevator area. Soon, they count off a group, and they walk us halfway around the tower to the elevator doors. We have time to admire the view of the casino from the bridge, and then the elevator arrives and the group coming down gets off the elevator and walk back around the tower to the bridge. They then load us into the elevator. Its an odd shaped triangular elevator, however it does have windows all around. After they load the elevator they take us upstairs and the spiel is almost just like the one Kings Island uses on their Eiffel Tower "Welcome to the Eiffell Tower, this tower is a one-half scale replica of the Eifell Tower in Paris, France. This tower was made with the original blueprints of the original tower, its just everything was reduced by one-half" I want to point out the elevator situation as one key difference, but I didn't want to look like a smart aleck or to spoil the guys presentation. You first have a brief glimspe of the casino then you blast through the roof ofthe casino, then you can briefly see into the restaurant before you start the major climb up to the observatgion deck.

One-half scale model, huh, okay why is this observation deck a lot narrower than that on the 1/3 scale model in Kings Island. I mean on the Vegas tower can barely accoodate two people passing each other on the observation deck, and they encourage people to tour in a clockwise direction. For safety there is a full cage around the outdoor observtion deck, with both vertical and horizontal bar. There are camera holes every now and then for your camera. There was on person who was clinging onto the inner wall of the observation deck for dear life, clearly afraid of heights. I point out the full cage so she is in no danger. She responds that I am bein way to rational about it. I then go on a photo safari of Vegas fro the top of the tower, while at the same time act as a tourguie for Mom. It was a very well enjoyabe time at the top of the tower. We do a lap around tower then get back on the elevator back to the casino. You get off the elevator then walk back around the tower to the bridge. Here you sometimes have to wait to cross the bridge until between photo sessions for those entering the tower attraction. We cross the bridge, down the escalator, which leads you right to the photo sales counter.
We actually decide to purchase this photo.

Next to the photo sales counter, we see a group fo promotional slot machines roped off, but what was noteworthy is that the denomaination of the machine was actually labeled as "FREE PLAY", not even pretending to be a real denomination slot machine. Speaking of slot machines, we rest up from our Eiffel Tower Experience with some slots. Their cocktail waitress scores bonus points for, after taking a drink order. "I have to get that from the bar on the other side of the casino, can i interest you in a bottle of water or soft drink off my tray while I go get you cocktail for you?"

As we are leaving the casino I note they have not only a faux sidewalk cafe inside the casino, but a real sidewalk cafe out in front of the casino on Las Vegas Blvd. We walk past Bally's casino without going in, but I notice the sleek looking access way to the monorail with moving sidewalks and all. We instead go up the escalator to the bridge to cross the main road, We are halfway across the bridge, and what perfect timing as the fountain show at the Bellagio starts, and we have a commanding view of it from the roadway bridge. We stop to watch the fountain show, then continue on to the shopping arcade that leads back to the Bellagio casino. We don't enter the Bellagio casino quite yet, but instead go out the first exit to the right and cross the street to Ceasars Palace.

We get to the other side of the bridge, and the escalator is out of order, so we ride the elevator down to the street level. I don't remember the walk to Ceasars being this bad before, but you have to walk along the front of it between the fenced off special events area and a roadside bar to the pathway back to the entrance. The casino sits WAY back off the road, and there are no moving sidewalks to help. After this walk mom announced she is pretty worn out. We wind up entering near the hotel services area, so needing help, I walk up to the Concierge and ask about borrowing a wheelchair, and the concierge clues me in that at most Vegas casinos, including this one, wheelchairs can be borrowed from the bell captain. The bell captain is the next desk over, so as promised they loan us a chair upon request, no form to fill out, no ID checks, no deposits to make.

I take mom through the casino area, we see Elton John's red piano, and we see a blackjack pit that has a cage for an exotic dancer in the middle. Only in Vegas. We continue to walk through the casino and we exit out into the attached shopping mall the Forum Shop. I note the slot machines have been removed from the middle of he walkways in the mall. The Forum Shops have some distinct features, one is an artifical sky that runs though the usual 24 hour day/night cycle every hour, and the center court areas have large fountains and giant statues, meant to look like Rome.

I had heard that the statues come to life every hour on the hour, so we pull up to the statues in the first court area we come to at around 2:55, and proceed to wait till 3:05 and no statues come to life. I ask the hostess at Trevi restaurant, and while she had an air that she has answer this question zillions of times before, she does inform us that we need to turn left, and go all the way to the end of the mall to see the living statues. Let me tell you, Forum Shops is NOT flat there are almost ramps all the way along it. We head down the next stretch of stores up a ramp to a courtyard area where there is a bar and ice cream stand in place of the usual fountain, then we head up some more ramps through the next section of the mall, and we come to a gigantic impressive fonntain with several roman statue above it. Unfortunately, we also come to a sign that says they apologize but the statue show will not be performed. We are more than a little bummed out, but I take mom around to see the statues and we do find a surprise in the back of the fountain is a huge aquarium. The aquarium was even more interesting as there was a man in the tank doing tank maintenance.

We tour the aquarium and the statues, then backtrack through the mall, past all we had seen and then towards the other end of the mall. We do pass another big pool and statues. At the far end of the mall you come to a large rectangular room. This room is three stories high, and the ground floor has a huge reflection pool, and statues stand guard in the corners. However, the dominant feature of the room is the spiral escalator. You heard that right, they have escalators where you make about a 180 degree turn with every floor you travel, I admit, I gleefully take the spiral escalator dow to the 1st floor, then all the way to the 3rd, then back to the 2nd. Hey, its a free novelty. We continue our tour of the mall and I find our pathway blcoked by a gate and some no entry signs, We start to turn around and a staff member opens the gate and allows us to shortcut back to the main mall instead of backtracking around the rectangular room again, We do backtrack through the mall to the casino proper. It should be noted that on the ramps in the mall, if we wee going downhill, I would turn around and take mom down the ramps backwards, in accordance to how I have been taught in pushing wheelchairs. Yes, this does matter later in this story. The reason is simple: it minimizes the chance of the rider falling out of the chair on a steep ramp, the person in the chair feels more secure as gravity is pushing them into the chair, not out of it.

Anyway, we re-enter the casino and go to sign up for players cards, and learn that becuase we had been to the casino on the Cherokee Indian reservation many years ago, we are already members, and they give us new cards. We do play a few slots, and then I decide to move to the end of the casino nearest the Bellagio. About halfway accross there is a ramp down, so I turn the chair around and start to take mom down the ramp, and a casino employee starts scolding me, almost ripping me a new one for how irresponsible I am being in going down the ramp backwards. I have to battle the desire to rip the casino employee a new one, with not wanting to create a scene. Afteralll, mom is present. The casino employee turns out to be a dealer at a card table, as we pass each other we give each other death stares of the "If looks could kill" variety. I stiflle the urge to have a confrontation with her in front of her pit boss, while playing up the morally offended and upset angle. At the very least I am fuming, after all I have had training in this, who is she to scold me in a very unprofessional manner in the middle of the gaming floor. Mom and I agree to just cash out and leave Ceasars Palace, and frankly I don't care if never set foot in Ceasar Palace again. Yes, we did remember to return their loaner chair.

We make the long trek back to the street, then up the escalator to the bridge, then into and through Bellagios shopping mall, then into the Bellagio. We stop at the first slot machines we come to for mom to rest. While I have mon seated, I go to pick up our ticket for "O" tonight. I head to the ticket office and with confirmation in hand, I get in line to pick up my tickets. I was under the impression that we had tickets for the 7:30 showing, but when the attendant punches in my information, the ticket computer has us down for 10:30 tickets. I mean the seating assignment is dead on what I had been promised, just the wrong time Unfortunately it had been a phone order to buy tickets, so I had a confirmation number but no other backup. Possibly since I am still funing from Ceasars Palace I press the issue, and I press the issue. Nope, the ploy to score a food comp out of them for inconveniencing me on the showtime did not work.

Anyway, I break the news to Mom, and we sign and saym what are we going to do, we will have to stick around until the late night show. So now we will just be starting to watch the show the time we had planed on returning to the Luxor, and I would have to cancel my plans to go to the Hard Rock with cousin Rick. I make the necessary phone calls and sooth things over with the rest of the family. I then start exploring the Bellagio for a reasonably priced sit down meal we can enjoy and have some quality time with each other.

I eventually find the Bellagio Cafe, which seems to fit the bill, but it clean on the other side of the resort from Mom. I stop at the bell captain, and ask to borrow a chair, and I don't think she was very trusting of me. I had to leave a credit card deposit in the sum of $250. The deal was I signed the credit card slip, but the charge wasn' put through, if I return the chair by the deadline, they will give the credit card slip back, if not they will put the charge through, I go and collect Mom and bring her back to the lobby whee she is dazzled by all the blown and stained glass flowers on the ceiling of the hotel lobby area. We then head towards the famous Bellagio flower conservatory, except it was closed as they were changing out the display. This meant they kept a pathway back to the Bellagio Cafe and a couple other places along the border of the conservatory open., but other thn that it was off limits. At least they did not put up construction walls around it, so we could see the transformation in progress, and at one end they had pictures of some of their displays so we could see what it looks like normally.

We enter the Bellagio Cafe and get immdiate seating There is not much business here, and I would think some of that is due to the fact it looks like you can't even get to it due to the renovation work. Its the kind of place where the service is wonderful, the dishes match the decor of the room, and you get linen napkins and real silver silverware. I notice Freeno (Keno) is available, but the Keno board is not in a convenient place for me to play. We wind up spending a lot of time having friendly conversation over dinner. I wind up having the grilled salmon and mom has a club sandwich. It was a wonderful meal, great conversation, and even watching he consevaorty renovation was humorous at times. You see there were these two working on a manlift with one operating the lift, and the other hanging parts of the display. Well the person controlling the lift would keep joging the bucket up and down so fist the guy is reaching up to hang the branch, then the bucket would rise up fast, then he is leaning forwad to reach down to hang the branch and the driver would jog the bucket down. Yes, our playful pair was in proper OSHA harnesses and so were safe at all times. After the branch was hung the driver reaches over and pats the other guy on the back like "You have just passed your initiation, welcome to the crew" The guy hanging the branch was wearing a much newer looking harness than the other people on the worksite, giving credence to my theory of a little new man hazing going on.,

We finish dinner, so then its back to the gaming floor to play. We had 2-3 hours to kill, and lets just say it was not pretty at all for me, it was a butt kicking. I even took an advance on the next days gambling budget. Gambling wise it was brutal. But, its a small world, there were three of us sitting at this one row of slots, and Mom and I mention Cincinnati for some reason, and the thrird person, a stranger, was also there from Cincinnati, and was also there to see "O". We talked a bit, and she did put in a good word for Cirque's other show "Mystere".

Aboout an hour before showtime we head to the theatre, in perfect time to get caught up in the crowd exiting the 7:30 show. We duck into a slot area to get out of the crowds. After the crowds pass we move to the first part of the lobby. In the lobby area they have Cirque related statues as artwork, that were just installed not that long ago. They hold us in this area till about 9:50, then the doors from the hallway open into the outer lobby of the theatre. At the door an usher tears our tickets (Admission - $165 each), and noting the wheelchair takes out a tag, writes out seat location on it, and hangs part of the tag fro the handle of the wheelchair, and gives us the stub. We then pass by a cart where we buy a souvenir program ($15). The entry way then splits into two pathways for the orchestra seating and the escalators to the balcony. An usher guides us to the holidng area for our seats, so we veer off to the left and we enter a room with a cash bar, and a concession stand. There is also an area to pour out any drinks in glasses or glass bottles into plastic cups before continuing. An usher tells us to skip the line and get in position right in front of the doors to the auditorium, and we are admitted to the auditroium a minute or so before doors open. We had seats in lower orchestra, right off a center aisle, and only 4 rows from cross asile. An usher takes our chair back to the checkroom for us, while another usher seats us, Fantastic seats, and rows are far enough apart where you don't have to get up to allow people to pass.

The show that is to follow is everything I have come to expect out of Cirque and more. It stats out with the clowns interacting with the audience in the last minutes before the show, taking a gigantic life preserver through the audience, and an umbrella with holes in it, A well used spray bottle to rain on guests. At the end of this skit an audience member is called on stage and eventually pulled through the curtain only to reappear and read all the safety announcements. The show starts with a band walking through the auditorium complete with a rarely seen hand crank barrel orgran, An aerial artists gets us warmed up by beforming an act in the very top of the seating area of he auditorium.

The show moves to the stage ad the curtain just seems to collpase to the center and is then pulled back to the back of the stage. O is a uique show, its Cirque in, on, and above water. The main feature of the stage is a large 20' deep pool, but not only that a 20' pool with sectional floor sections that can raise up out of the pool and become a stage floor in a matter of seconds and without creating a wake. Cirque has always been on the cutting edge of theatrical technology and this show is no different. Some have dubbed this Cirque: Earth, Wind, Fire Water, as yes there are acts in the water, there are acts on the stage (Earth), acts in the air (Wind) and yes there are actors that play with fire to finish the set.

The show runs about 90 minutes with no intermission, as is common with Vegas shows. The curtain opens and the show wastes no time putting the swimming pool to use with a synchronized swimming routine. From there you have the trapeze act, but it is two people sharing one trapeze.
From there its time for the gymnastics act. The gymnastics act is impressive enough in their other shows, but in this show they perform on a floating platform in the middle of the pool. Cirque provides moments of pantomime comedy in their show performed by clowns to provide a break between the high energy acts, and O is no exception. In this show the clwowns come out on a floating stage that looks like a cabin, excpet fitting with the theme the cabin is severely flooded such that our two clowns are living on the roof of the cabin.

Other acts of note are a huge flying ship that your cirque performers to aerial acrobatic acts on and under with a combination of huge rings and parallel bars. Its is visually stunning piece. As I mentioned there are fire dancers who play with sparkelers and even a guy who sets himself on fire and is seen sitting in a chair as if nothing is wrong. I mean he just looks so calm there.

They to a triple russian swing act (there are platoforms that look remotely like playground swings that 2 or 3 people can stand on, and then they get swinging back and forth really high and fast, then at the peak of the arc they jump off and perofrm amazing aerial stunts. In this case the center swing has a big bell on top that starts ringing and gets more frenzied as the act goes on. I have my doubts as to if the bell you are hearing is the one on the piece of apparatus. At the end of the act they have to swings that look like they are directly across the pool from each other, and it looks as if they two artists are going to crash into each other when they jump at the same time, but they really have distinct yet close trajectories so its safe.

In another act the zebra dressed actors that are in all the PR stunts start perofming on a giant moving jungle jim like structure that hangs just above the pool. Don't worry about your cirque classics, as yes they have an aerial hoops act, a contortion act, a couple more trapeeze acts, and here they up the ante by revealing the trapeeze is mounted on a rigging that can move the whole setup forwards and backwards in relation to the audience, as well as SPIN it. Another breathtaking moment is they use the pool to incorporate a high dive act, and at first it looks like two professional divers, and our hapless audience volunteer, the one who helped start the show. They make a big deal of bringing him up on stage, putting him into a safety harness and making him climb the ladder up to the very top of the stage. Moments later, all three of them make the high dive from the very top of the auditorium into the pool below, and they have the moving floor panels setup so that they have the smallest pool opening possible to perform the triple simultaneous dive safely.

It is worth noting that the pool also has impressive fountains in it as well, which should not surprise you since this is the Bellagio after all. Towards the end of the show when they are wrapping up they roll the piano out on stage and as the band is doing a band solo, the stage goes down into the pool and takes the grand piano down into the pool with it! I highly doubt that it is a real piano, and since you can still hear the piano quite clearly after it is fully submerged, its very dubious. The show ends with curtain calls, and the audience I was with gave them the usual standing ovation as well as loud shouts of Bravo.

The show ended, we wait till the traffic clears in the aisleway, and I go up to the check area for the wheelchairs, claim the chair, then mom and I make out way back out through the lobby to the casino. We find out the path of least resistance is actually to go through the shows gift shop. We then go to the front of the casino, turn the chair in, I get the charge card paperwork back so it won't be turned into the cashier to be processed. We then head out to the taxi stand and get a bit of culture shock. Back home, at the end of a performance in the theatre, people go out to their cars in the parking lot and drive themselves home, out in Vegas most peopl have arrived in taxis, so the taxi stand line is wrapped around the driveway and is almost around to the fountain. It looks scary, but with a seemingly endless parade of cabs the line moves rapdily, to the point where its almost a taxi walk and not a taxi stand. It was good the line moved fast because those fountains in front of the Bellagio reek. We get in a normal car style cab and discuss the show as we are taken back to the Luxor. Since we both had long days, we headed right up to our room, stopping off at the Pepsi machine on the way. When I first arrived, I laughed at a pop machine in a casino that offers free drinks, but you know when you are thirsty, want a real size drink with no aggravation. It's well worth it.

We then head to our room, and call it a night.

See you tommorow for my last full day in Vegas. It will include a field trip to the Venetian with mom, as well as stops at the Mirage and Sahara for me. Plus the guys take in a show!

Watch for it!


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