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Saturday, June 28, 2008

TR: Stricker's Grove - 6/15/08

Today was my church's summer picnic out at Stricker's So after church and brunch at Frisch's we headed out to the park. We arrived just before 2pm, and were lucky enough to get a parking space right up by the front gate. We entered the park, and took our covered dish for the picnic to the air conditional hall. Mom and Evelyn were going to stay inside the cool of the hall, so after making sure they had drinks and were settled in I hit the midway.

I headed back to the Tornado, and noted that all the seats were open which is an improvement ove the last day of the last season. I took a ride in seat 7 and even though the train still squeals at times, and its still rough, it also still delivers the goods in the back car on the final two hills. Two nice big airtime pops. I took at least two more rides on Tornado at this time. The midway wasn't very crowded, and at times thee would be no one waiting to board the Tornado. If nobody was waiting they would let you ride again, sometimes without even stopping, but if even 1 person wants to board, everybody has to get up and walk around.

After my initial ride seession on Tornado, I headed next door to the Flying Skooters. At least the operator this year was running the ride in a safe manner, and I proceed to actually have a snap filled Flyers ride at Strickers. I didn't think it was possible, but I found the rhythm. I then walk next door to the Spin the Apple, hey wait, what happened to the Spin the Apple? It's missing but the Herschell Helicopter ride is back, and it looks better than ever. I continue on and fail to ride the Scrambler. It looks just as slow as last year, but now sports a large "NO SINGLE RIDERS" sign, and observing the ride I could see that rule was being enforced.

I do ride the Tip Top, and had a rather lackluster ride. The tubs are just too hevy for one person to spin, and once the ride starts, the tub turns so that a single rider goes to the outside and stays there the rest of the fun filled bouncey ride. On the other side of Tip Top, I note the Ferris Wheel is also now "NO SINGLE RIDERS" and yes its also being enforced.

Next up is the Train. The train ride is sometimes very interesting because you go back behind the midway and out around the far reaches of the park. At times you can catch glimpses of future new rides. Not so this time, so I merely had a nice relaxing train ride around the perimeter of the park. The train ride was exhibiting a loud squeal in the corners whch I don't usually associate with train rides.

From the train ride I notice the new Jumping Jumbos is now open, and the carousel is still there. On the other side of the midway are the kiddie rides: motorcycles, boats, rocket ships, Turtle, Whip, and Teddy Bear coaster. I take a token ride in the back seat of the Teddy Bear coaster. Its a fun little junior wood coaster.

Next to the Teddy Bear, I learn the Round Up is closed today, but I do proceed to ride the Tilt A Whirl whee I actually get a nice Whirl filled ride. Tilt A Whirl is noteworth in that it has new red white and blue tubs this year. The tub hood have that red sparkly metallic finish, and the bodies have clown faces and lightning bolts in the design.

I proceed to have some more Tornado rides and another Flying Skooters ride. I then decide to take a ride break with a beverage, a game at the shooting gallery ($1), and a solo round of mini golf ($3). Stricker's mini golf is a more traidtional style. The course is mostly flat with more emphasis in getting the ball through tiny openings or in banking the ball around various shaped holes. (Like a "Z" or "U" shaped hole for example. The course has signs of having had movng targets at one point, but those items are mostly removed, with just their junction boxes remaining, orthe obstacle is still there but no longer moving. It was a relaxing game of mini golf.

After a round of golf, its a drink at the 19th hole, then a few more Tornado rides, followed by 2 or 3 Flying Skooters rides up until the rides close for the meal break. During the meal break the park furnishes a free buffet meal with hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and roast corn. The fellow parishoners provided covered dishes whch provided the salads, vegetables and other sides, as well as the deserts.

The meal was served inthe air condiitoned hall, and you had a choice of eating in the cool hall or out in the picnic grove. We opted to eat inside and had dinner and conversation. We decidedto not stick around for the late ride session and instead went over to another party we had been invited to.

Next up: Coney Island

Watch for it.


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