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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Survivor Exile Island - Episode 13

Well, hey same night service on this one, unlike the episode 12 summary below.

This episode starts with what I think is a planned element of the game. These people have now been with each other for 33 days, they have talked about every conveivable topic, and are probably at each others throats.

The episode starts with the walk back from tribal council in the dark. Ciri accidently places her torch in the wrong spot in camp, and Terri goes nuts, saying how thats not proper camp procedure (Note to Terry: these aren't your soldiers, boy scout troops, or children) Ciri may have touched on one of Tery's pet peeves (order and tidiness), but in this situation Terry should have just let it slide. He didnt it degenerated into an argument, and Terry was the one who left early to go to bed. The other laugh at Terry behind his back and remark that Terry is just upset that Shane was voted out.

We don't loose much time before going to:
Reward Challenge #13
Reward: Trip down the Panama Canal in a 100' luxury yacht, complete with 5 course meal and open bar during the cruise.
Challenge: It's a memory puzzle challenge. Each survivor must be attached to the rope course at all times by at least one of to carabeaners. The course is desinged so that passing the other players is necessary. (You can pass by moving one oy your two carabeaners around the other person), the ropes lead to 6 different stations. (poles, rocks, crabs, iguanas, etc) at each station you have to count the number of objects, then race back to start once st start you will find a pile of number tiles, find the tile that matches the number of onjects put it in your tile rack. Repeat for each station, you may hit the stations in any order. Once you have all 6 tiles, you can move those to a puzzle station, on the puzzle station there are labeled boxes for you to move the tiles from the tile rack to the boxes on the puzzle station. Once you have matched your numbers with the correct station, the numbers will give you the combination to one of the three combinations locks. Opening all three locks will allow your flag to unwrap. First person to get their flag unrolled wins reward, and gets to decide who goes to exile island.

The challenge starts and it is clear that it is everyone against Terry, andything you can do to hinder Terry's progress is okay. Really not much exciting except they runl, count, get number, run back, fine the tile, run out get another number. Sure, at one point Aras tried to block Terry and Terry basically shoved Aras out of the way, earning a warning from Jeff. All that didn't matter as all four were back to the stations working on the locks at about the same time. Everybody had to go back becuase they messed somethin up. Here is where Terry made a mistake, Terry thought that you could only check one station at a time on the second or third pass. In reality there was no such rule on repeat visits. Terry thinking Aras cheated calls foul, and Jeff says that Aras is fine. Aras smarts off some immature comment to Terry.

In the end Aras wins the challenge, and immediately thereafter, Terry polietely goes to Jeff and merely asks for a rules clarification. Aras accuses Terry of arguing and making excuses for his loss. Aras asks, are you going to complain every time you lose? Tery responds that this is his first loss. There are limits to trash talking, and Aras doesn't know when to stop, so Aras says "Wahts next Terry, are you going to make disparaging comments about women?" You could see Terry was offende on a personal level. Jeff regains control, and tells Aras that he can choose one person to go with him on reward (you can build a bank its not Terry), and that the other two will both go to Exile Island.

Aras chooses Ciri to go on reward, and apologizes to both Danielle and Terry. Danielle looks upset and Terry taking the moral upper road just says "Do what you have to do".

We see Ciri and Aras go to the yacht. Aras interviews that Ciri and him have been close for a long time now. Aras also interviews in what appear to be his street clothes (not any clothes he had for the game, which leads me to beleive that the 'confessional' was taped AFTER the whole series ended and then spliced back in. This confessional really is a confessional where he owns up to maybe giing too far in egging on Terry, and thats hes not really proud of what he did.

Enogh of that Ciri is clearly impressed with the yacht and giddy with excitement that she gets to ride in one. They have a wondewrful time touring the Panama Canal, they enjoy some cocktails, we get to see how a canal lock works, but the never did show what was for dinner. The ride ends with the yahct returing them to camp. Now they were shown being taken by airplane to board the yacht, so perhaps the Pearl Islands are located near one end of the canal.

Meanwhile on Exile Island, Terry lets Danielle hold the idol, and thus there was no idol searching. The two appear to bond. We then hear Daniielle admit that he will use Terry any way she can to win, In other words neither the friendship nor 'alliance' are genuine. During this time we also get to hear both sides dicuss the trash talking at the end of the reward challenge. Terry/Danielle agreee that Aras is too emotional and is becoming unraveled. Ciri/Aras are laughing at Terry behind his back, seeing nothing wrong in what Aras said.

Back at camp, Aras is taking a nap and Ciri decided to learn how to start fire with a flint, commenting that for the past 33+ days she always found someone else to do it. It takes her a while, but she does suceed in getting fire. We then get to see Ciri genuinely happy for herself and what all she has accompished. Aras also seems happy for her.

We cut to the immunity challenge

Immunity Challenge #13
In this oe they dig up more bags out of a ring. This time they are given two ropes and coordinates makres on stakes to help locate where the bag should be.

At the start of the challenge everybody's ropes are preset to mark the location of the first bag, so they run from the puzle station to the sand ring, dig for the bag, return to the puzzle station, untie the bag and dump out puzzle pieces to solve puzzle 1, puzzle 1 will give the corrdinates to set the ropes to to locate bag 2. Back to the sand pit, dig up bag 2, get the pieces, aeemble puzzle 2 at the puzzle station, get the coordinates for bag 3, run out get the bag, run back to the puzzle station to put puzzle 3 together. First person to complete all three jigsaws wins immunity.

You will be surprised to hear that Terry falls behind in this one, honestly. It is pretty evident Aras is going to win when he is working on puzzle 3 and Terry is only on puzzle 2, and Ciri can't figure out how to set the ropes to find bag 2 and starts digging randomly. Oh it comes close as Aras takes his own time with puzzle three, giving Terry almost but not quite enough time catch up. Aras wins reward, ending Terrys immunity challenge winning streak. Danielle takes the news bad, as this means being able to use Tery for the hidden idol has just been taken off the table. We know that both Aras and Terry are secure. (What would a final be without a rivalry).

Back at camp, Terry calls a heart to hert with Aras, alone in private. (Or at least as private can get on their beach) Terry starts off talking down to Aras and I fear its not going to go well, but the two do have an honest heartfelt reconcilliation. Terry explains how slanderous Aras comments were, and the two talk it out and I don't know if it will help the game, but perhaps it may help the two co-exist for the rest of the game. Ciri and Danielle are sure they are planning something for Tribal Council. Always gotta be on your guard.

We hear Terry talk about sharing the immunity idol with Danielle, whichin this case would leave Terry vulnerable and exposed. He admits its a risk, I shout at the TV "Are you of your mind?"

Perahps its just editing to give Tribal council suspense. Ciri and Danielle then talk about what will happen if Terry keeps the hidden idol, that means that there would most likely be a tie as ARas/Ciri would vote for Danielle and Terry/Danielle would vote for Ciri. They speculat, and they are edited so that you know they are onlyspeculating that the tie breaker is a fire making challenge. We get a montage of Aras coaching Ciri and Terry coaching Danielle. I think we know who the final alliances are...

Soon its off to tribal council.

Jeff brings in the jury, and then comments that the game started 36 days ago with 4 tribes, and lo and behold in the final 4 there is a representative from each of the initial 4 tribes.

Jeff then notes that for the first time Aras is safe and TerrY is in danger. He probes Aras asking if Aras has caught a streak and is gaining momentum, and Aras responds back that he has and is ver positive. Basically he said i he never gave up and kept trying, he knew he would suceed someday. Jeff then probes Terry asking if he feels vulnerable, Terry answers with a resounding NO, he feels totally safe and is smiling. I think thats what poker players would call a tell. No mystery now who has the idol, no matter how the editing tries. The other players accuse Terry of having the idol, Terry says he may have the idol, he may not. Aras remakks its quite a risk if Terry gave it away.

Jeff comments that after tongiht the idol is worthless, and that it will be played after the vote. Its time to vote:

No votes are shown during casting. Jeff goes and gets the votes, and starts to tally. He reads the two votes for Danielle. Courtney is visibly excited about the prospect of Danilelle getting the boot (in revenge). Then Jeff reads the two Ciri votes. He declared the tirbal council deadlocked.

Jeff says that if you have the hidden idol, play it now. Both Ciri and Danielle say they don't have the idol, Jeff calls the idol VOID. Jeff then proceeds to tell them about the fire building challenge, the two take their places, Jeff says "Survivor's Ready!", then CUT. TO BE CONTINUED on Sunday

What a rip, what kind of ending is that.

Oh, and here must be a rule about passing the iodl to another playing DURING tribal council, or Terry could have just palmed Danielle the idol. Oh, and what happened to the chance to make your case and have one last revote before a deadlock is called.

Tune in Sunday for the finale and reunion show,


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