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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Survivor Exile Island - Episode 12

Okay, a bit late again, deal with it. I'm not sure anybody reads these anyhow.

Last week, when we returned from tribal council to check in wih the tribe, Terry was dealing with the fact that his 'alliance' with Danielle and Courtney was just a figment of his imagination, but that was nothing compared to what must have been running through Shane's mind, Ciri may have been the squeamish city girl when she arrived on the scene, but she has come into her own and will take her place as one of the great strategists in the game. We should have seen it coming ever since she convinced her first tribe to vote out its strongest member first.

I know I was expecting Shane to throw a tantrum, so I was a bit disapointed when he appeared to be able to talk about Courtney's boot in a civilized manner. Whats more he totally bought Ciri's story about how Shane had gotten too far in front of them on the hike to tribal council so they could not fill him in on the change of plans, then he bought that he was still part of the alliance. At least Terry realizes he is on the outside looking in, Shane still thinks he is in his throne.

But not much to talk about so lets go to:
Reward Challenge #12:
The prize: The winner gets to "allocate the love" and decide who goes to exile island.
The challenge: Second Chances - this is the challenge that is made of of elements from previous challenges. In this case it is an elimination obstacle course, after each stage, the person in last place gets eliminated.

Stage #1: Dash into a ringed circle and dig until you find a bag. Take the bag with you across the line. Top 4 advance,
Stage #2: Taking your bag with you, crawl under the belly crawl, tied to one of the horizontal poles is a wood snake. Untie the snake, take both the bag and the snake with you over the next line. Top 3 advance.
Stage #3: Taking both the snake and bag with you, climb over a sand hill, and then through a water hazard. Suspeneded over the water is a giant fish. Untie the fish, take the bag, snake and fish with you over the next line. Top 2 advance,
Stage #4: It looks like the same tunnel/tower arangement seen in the immunity challenge a few weeks ago. Taking all three objects (bag/snake/fish) make your way through the wood tunnel/tower arangement. First one through the tunnel and over the line with all three of their objects gets to "allocate the love"

Ok, it's the loved ones challenge, and there are a variety of 'experiences' that will hopefully allow the survivors to interact with their loved one. The person who wins the challenge gets to decide who gets which experience. It's a similar concept to the restaurant challenge where Jeff takes every player to a restaurant, but the challenge winner gets to order for everybody, and there is great disparity in the quality of the meals. In other words normally this is one of those landmine challenges you don't want to win, cause the winner has to essentially rank all the players.

And they are off, and it comes as no big surprise that Shane is out in the first round, The last few weeks it has been pointed out just how inept Shane is at challenges, like he isn't even trying. The cmaera lingers on his "Boston" tatoo to tug at heart strings that he may not get to see his son.
In Stage 2, Danielle is the first accross, and Ciri is eliminated.
In stage 3, Danielle has a lot of trouble geetting the fish untied, so while she was first to the fish, since she could not get it untied she was eliminated.
In stage 4, rivals Aras and Terry faced off. It was pretty even through the first half and at the crossover Terry was able to musclehis way past Aras. That didn't matter as Aras dropped his fish and it fell to the ground when he was in the high part of the structure, and Jeff ruled that he had to retrieve the fish and start the element over. This allowed Terry to take the easy win.

I said normally its a political landmine, but since Terry knows he is on the outside looking in, he really doesn't have much to lose, and if he lost the challenge he could be assured he would get the worst prize.

Jeff brings out the loved ones and there are two line several feet apart seperating the survivors from their loved ones. They are allowed to say a few words to each other from a distance, maybe blow a kiss but thats about it. Jeff or the producers must have put the fear in them not to try to rush accorss the line for an unauthorized hug.

After the survivors get a few seconds with the loved ones, Jeff explains the experiences available for Terry to "allocate the love",and I don't know about you, but I was getting tired of hearing Jeff say "allocate the love".

Experience #1: Its an overnight stay at a resort villa, which includes a stocked kitchen. There are two of these available, and Jeff adds that each couple will have a private bedroom for the night.

Experience #2: It's an overnight stay at the tribe camp. No extra food, but the survivor will get to spend time with their loved one and the loved one will get to see what Survivor life is all about. 1 of these available.

Experience #3: It's a few moments of up close contact with their loved one (hugs, kisses that type of thing) at the challenge site, then the survivor returns to camp alone.

Experience #4: It's a trip to Exile Island, with NO additional contact with their loved one. As Jeff says, "This is as good as it gets", as they are sperated by mere feet.

The reason there are two of the best package available is, I think, becuase it can be presumed the challenge winner will take the best package for themselves, so since there are two of them, he still has one to award.

Jeff, goes down the list. As you would guess, Terry takes the Villa overnight for himself, and gives the other villa overnight to Shane. Terry then gives the overnight camping experience to Ciri, the personal contact moment at the challenge site to Aras, and the trip to Exile Island with no contact with their loved one to Danielle.

Recall that Terri though he was in the alliance with Courtney and Danielle, but it became obvious that Danielle helped vote out Courtney, so Terry paid her back by refusing her loved one visit. Spite and revenge I tell you. Aras gets the second worst prize, its no surprise that Terry and Aras are rivals so it should come as no surprise he got one of the bad prizes, and it also shows how hurt he felt by Danielle that he gave her a worse prize than arch rival Aras.

The other two are interesting. I will agree with the people that say that Terry should have given the villa package to Ciri and the camping package to Shane. He knows Ciri's family is not the outdoorsy type, and Ciri might appreciate the private bedroom, meanwhile Shanes son would have probably loved an overnight at camp. Camping with Shane and Aras, and getting to experince the game would have probably been more fun to Shane's son than the villa home. The reason I think Terry gave Shane the better package is that Terry realizes Shane is an outcast, even if Shane himself doesen't realize it, so I think it was all about getting on Shane's side. I wonder how the prizes would have been passed out if Terry knew then that Ciri orchestrated Courtney's ouster.

Jeff dismissed everybody to their respective destinations. We first go to Danielle. She is obviously upset as she slices that coconut like its someones head. She has a confessional, and I'm sure the cameraperson egged her on. She states how bad is sucked that she did not get a hug or anything from her loved one who was mere feet away. Yeah, I'll buy that, She goes on to state pretty clearly why she got what she got, for screwing over Terry at tribal council. She say right away that it was purely an act of revenge, Again, I'll buy that, but then she goes on to say shes not going to cry about it. Uhm, what have you been doing for the last few minutes? She does look on the bright side, she doesn't have to share her food tonight.

We then go to the villa where the 4 winners are partaking in the pizza party provided to them at the villa, and note that the package includes beer and wine. They enjoy dinner, Terri takes his wife to the bedroom to discuss strategy, and we learn that his wife is the real strategist in the family. H also shows her the hidden immunity idol. We then cut to Shane in the yard telling Boston all about his experience, then we see all four having a nice social conversation, where Shane tries to trick Terrys wife into revealing that Terry has the idol, but hi wife can lie like a rug and denies ever having seen it. We find out the house has all the fixins for snacks and breakfast. We then see Terri and his wife retire to their bedroom and get into bed. We don't know what Shane/Boston did.

At camp we see Ciri showing HB all around camp, It is clear HB is not the outdoor type either. He seemed repusled at their 'drinking water' mistaking it for bath water, or a foot wash. Ciri takes great pride in showing HB around camp and showing him the lifestyle. Ciri seems genuinely proud of what she has accomplished. So, perhaps the experiece will be good for her character development. Aras is pretty much ignored. The next morning, we see Ciri and Aras practically use HB as a slave, stating that they will let HB do all the manual labor and they can rest up for the immunity challenge. HB seems irritated, but he realizes its onlyfor a few hours, so whatever he can do for Ciri. I think its a great move, HB gets to life more fo the camp life, and Aras and Ciri just might gain some strength (or at least save their strength).

We then see the boat come and pick up HB, then we see the boat drop off Shane and Terry. We see a discussio on why Terry gave Aras the shaft,and Terry states that it was more important for Ciri and himself to see their spoue than it was for Aras to see his mother. That doesn' explain the choice to take Shane to see his son. Terry didn't have the guts to tell Aras that he didn't get chosen becuase DUH, he is Terry's biggest enemy right now in the game. Aras got visibly upset and Terry and him had a few words. Both though they got the better deal, Terry thought he shook Arass concentration, and Aras thought hw is gaining more desire and will for the next challenge.

Speaking of the next challenge.
Immunity Challenge #12:
Oh it looked like an endurance challenge but it isn't. In this one each Suvivor stands atop a 20' perch on a block not much bigger than a large book. they have a bucket on a rope they can lower down into the lake to get water, hoist it up, then pour the water out, hoping to get as mush as possible into a thin bamboo shoot. The more water that goes into the tube, the higher a handheld signal flag will rise. Eventually the signal flag will be high enough the survivor can reach down and grab it. First person to wave their signal flag above their head wins. Oh, and only your feet can touch the wooden perch, no other body parts allowed.

The challenge starts, and noteworthy is that while everybody else seems to more or less get the hang of it, Shane just doesn't seem to get it. Jeff even calls Shane on not taking the challenge seriously, and Shane proceeds to joke about it. As you might expect it becomes a race between Aras and Terry (and here I thought this challenge had Danielle written all over it when I first heard it decribed). It was close but Terry wins his 5th straight immunity.

They head back to camp. Although they reassure Shane that yes they are voting our Danielle, and they assure Terry that yes they are voting out Aras, the core three (Aras, Ciri, Danielle) actually have Shane in their sights. Way to ruin the tribal council suspense. I knew Shane was done when Jeff called Shane on not taking immunity challenges seriously during the challenge, and Shane arrogantly stating that he will be in the finals. Oh, we also hear Terry comment that he could totally sit out the next immunity challenge if he wanted, after all after the next round, the idol becomes worthless.

On to tribal council. Jeff probes Tery about the reward challenge and Tery probably irked some people by saying it was a tough job playing the role of God, but he thinks he treated everybody fairly. Jeff then probes Shane about not taking immunity seriously, and Shane responds that he doesn't have to, he is on the majority alliance and his fellow alliance members will protect him. If thats not hubris or knocking on Karmas door, I don't know what is. hey go to vote, we see a vote for Shane and we see Shane vote for Danielle. We also see Terry vote for Aras.

It is time to read the votes, Jeff reads off Shane's vote for Danielle, then we see Jeff read off the three Shane votes. Shanes facial reaction and awe get stronger everytime, I think me might have even been in shock. I was sort of disapointed that we didn't see him fume and explode. He does rub it in their faces that he is about to have a big chocolate ice cream bar. The others are thinking "Enjoy your miillion dollar ice cream"

We see Shane go quite peacefully, and Jeff comments that if trust wasn't a factor before, it certainly is now, and that now he has ssen two people go that had no idea they had it coming.

Till next time.


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