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Monday, July 05, 2010

TR:Kings Island - 5/9/10

TR: Kings Island
Trip Report: Kings Island
Mason, OH
April 30,2010
This visit was what I call a season pass holder special.  That means arriving late, even if the park is promising an early 8PM close.  So we got the park around 4PM, just Dave Althoff and myself.  We note that at this park you can arrive late and usually score a good parking space, and lo and behold we did.  We made our way up to the gate and headed down International Street.  I wanted to give Boo Blasters on Boo Hill another try.

The wait for Boo Blasters was somewhat longer than my last visit, with most of the indoor queue area open.  I noted it was a little bit lighter in the main queue area, but the area with the ride safety sing is still too dark to reasonably expect anybody to read them.  My main point in riding was to find out what the great new scene is that wasshut off for Math and Science day.  Essentially the first 80% of the ride is the same as it was when it was Scobby, except for obvious references to the licensed characters removed.  Towards the end of the ride you hit a real fine fog screen with a menancing image projected on it such that it looks like you are going to run right into the ghoul, then at the last moment the fogger shuts off and you slide through unharmed.  The main lights in the next three areas have been turned off.  The first area is the same as it was just dark, the next two areas all the old scenery has been ripped out leaving two bare bones rooms with a bunch of strobe lit skeletons (with targets of course)  It's a little upgrade that makes the haunted house ride just a bit more haunted.  

We stop off at Woodstock's coaster to confirm the ride is pretty much the same as it was as Fairly Odd Coaster, with just a little cosmetic chnage.  Still a great classic John Allen kiddie wooden coaster.  From that we head to Diamondback, and manage to get a couple rides in.  We decide to use the Single Rider Line, which Dave pointed out means "You can either use the long line that moves fast, or the short line that moves slow"  On our first ride, through sheer luck I get sent to Row 1 out of the singles line, Dave does not have near as much luck.  But that's okay because we take advantage of a short regular line to take a secod ride.  Diamondback, its the greatest ride the park's ever had.

But a park is more than one ride, so we take the obligatory coaster tour.  We head towards Beast and upon encountering a full queue maze, we are soon seen retreating from Beast.  We take a ride on Italian Job that requires the usual ducking under the railing or walk clear out of your way.  Stillno seat assigner, so we sit towards the front to get what little air there is to be had on this family ride.  

From Italian Job, we snag a ride on Vortex, which was running about like it always does.  What we did next was to stop so we could watch Euro Bobbles.  With a 200 pound limit, there is no channce either of us will be able to try Euro Bobbles.  Essentially you climb into an airtight plastic ball, the ball gets inflated while you are in a kiddie wading pool.  For about 3 minutes or your keel over from heat or lack of air, you an run or walk around, or fall down an tumble inside the giant bubbles.  This is called fun!

We next take a walk through the arcade, still no pinball, and then a quick spin on Zephyr, the wave swinger.  Ahh, more benefits of the weight loss program, as I fit a lot more comfortably in that seat  We head back into X-Base, but upon encountering two bad lines, quickly retreat out of there.  The next stop is of course Racer, and we both agreed that Raer was running about as good as you could hope for with Racer in recent years.

We next made the turn into Oktoberfest, and after scoring the usual walk on Adventure Express ride, we went to ride Delirium.  Man, I love Delirium.  At about this time, I note the time is getting late, so we make a mad dash to Diamondback to try to get one last ride in.  We get to Diamondback with about 5 minutes to space, we race through the queue, we get to about where the cell phone display is when the ride goes down.  Bummer.  We note the time as 7:58 and are sure they are going to send everybody home with a "Sorry, but the ride is broken down, and the park is closed" message.  But they allow us to remain in line.  Lot's of folks bail, in fact by the time the ride reopens, we are at the top of the stairs just shy of the greeter station.  We were a bit surprised they still assigned seats, but figured that would at least prevent everybody from heading to the front and back rows.   A great way to finish off the night.  We did make sure to let Guest Relations know how the crew went out of their way to get everybody a ride.  Then we headed to Culvers for dinner.


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